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  1. No it's not always frezzing on the same step or folder. When it freezes the CPU is usually stuck at 100% and it looks like it has flat-line. Also it froze again doing a deep scan with the performance set to idle. I'll keep my eye on the a2service and report back. Usually i have the perfomance tab open to see the CPU. And All the day while testing the deep scan I had the task manger open. That's how I saw that the command scanner uses less mememory and less CPU. I'm going to try another deep scan now with the performance set to normal and Online Armor turned off. Just started a new scan with Online Armor turned off. One last thing i forgot to mention I also had it freeze on me yesterday once doing a smart scan.
  2. EAM froze again. Trying another deep scan with the performance set to idle. If that works will try one more in normal with Online armore shut off. I will post again when i'm done.
  3. Ok I switched the performance setting on EAM back to normal and ran the command line deep scan with no lock ups. After the scan was completed it said it found 104 items, although there was nothing yesterday when I completed a succesful deep scan with the performance set to idle. Did the command line scanner found something the other scan missed? And if so where it is and what was it? Does it show up in a log someplace? there was nothing in my quarantine list. Anyway since OAP updated some new firewall components today I'm running another deep scan with EAM and to see if it locks up again. Also one last thing when looking at the mem & CPU usage from the task manger when running scans from the command line VS regular EAM the commnad line scanner uses a lot less CPU and a little less memory. CPU usage when running a scan directly hits 100% from time to time and stays rather high. CPU usage from the coomand line never goes over 50%. Mem usage is not too direferent but still higher with the regular scan. Command line scanner memory useage is around 225-250,000k, regular scan is around 330-350,000k Any way I will post again after this new deep scan is completed. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. I'll try that tomorrow. I've already shut down that PC for the night. Also I was able to complete a deep scan earlier tonigh by changing the performance setting to idle.
  5. I've done that many times already, and nothing is ever there.
  6. Still freezing up. And by freezing up I mean it locks up my whole PC and the only way to fix it is by shutting down the PC using the power button. Could changing the scan performace make a difference? I have tried it on normal and high. I'm going to try it shortly on the lowest setting.
  7. Ok I'll try that and report back. But since EAM & OAP are related to each other shouldn't these items be wihite listed by default on both programs? Also OAP from time to time with the previous version used to give me pop ups in reference to EAM processes. Hopefully this will not happen anymore in version 6.
  8. I'll try that since running a deep scan with OAP turned off completed with no issues. Also my Win 7 laptop had no issues with the deep scan eventhough I don't have these EAM processes whitelisted. Should i also do this with my Win 7 laptop, or should I not fix was wasn't broken? Thanks.
  9. Turing off memory optimization made no difference. I have not excluded them from each other. How do i do this? Also I'm trying another deep scan right now with OAP turned off. I will also try a deep scan in my Win 7 laptop which uses both to see if there's na issue there.
  10. This is issue has been going on for the last couple of days since I updated Online Armor Premium. There are no other security softwares running in real time on this old PC. This is a old Win XP Pro SP3, 3.2GHZ P4. with 2.25GB of ram. One last thing I just urned off the memory usage optimization setting to see if this make a differnce. Thanks.
  11. Don't worry about it. It's not that big of a deal since it doesn't require me to restart my PC before I can initialized System Restore. It's an easy work around.
  12. Well it's obvious to me now that whatever is causing Online Armor Premium to prevent System Restore from working properly in my PC must be something unique to my PC. If I need to use System Restore to work in this laptop all I need to do is shut down Online Armor and I can initianize System Restore succesfully. Don't even need to reboot, just need to wait for Online Armor to exit. Anyway thanks for the replies but I'm moving on from this topic.
  13. Sorry i have not responded sooner. Under programs I only have a couple of things marked untrusted. Some were old Adobe files which I removed from the firewall program menu. Right now I'm showing 4 items and they look like temp files. Also I found a MS dll file that was being blocked. The file was wbemprox.dll. The firewall was set to ask but according to my it was being blocked. I changed it to allow but it made no difference. I'm posting some screenshots in my Flickr account. I will add the links as soon as I'm done with the screenshots. http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream Thanks.
  14. Ok I just PM you the link to RapidShare. Also see link below for error message I get while using System Restore with online Armor turned on. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7163763899/in/photostream
  15. Just tried it with OA Premium in learning mode. I switch OA premium to learning mode and restarted the laptop. I then attempted to restore my PC. Unfortunately system restore failed to restore my PC to a new restore point I created for this test. OA premium is definitely blocking something that even in learning mode it will not unblock.
  16. Thanks for your response. I will try it with WD off and EAM & OA premium on and see if it works. However I found the culprit. With EAM running and OA Premium turned off system restore was able to restore my PC to a restore point I created this morning. With EAM turned off and OA Premium running system restore failed to restore my PC to the restore point I created this morning. OA Premium is the culprit. It must be blocking something. I'm going to try this first. I will switch OA premium to learning mode, make a new restore point, and see if it works. I'll post back shortly. Thanks.
  17. Trying it one more time. here's what I did. 1. I shut off EAM & OA Premium from auto start-up from within their configuration settings. 2. Restarted PC and neither EAM or OA Premium started with windows automatically. Not showing in system tray. 3. Manually made a restore point. 4. Asked System Restore to restore my PC to the restore point I made in step 3. 5. System Restore shut down my PC and restore my PC to the restore point I made manually in step 3. I have to assume one or the other is causing System Restore not too work. Which one is the culprit I don't know. If I have more time to play I'll try it again with one off at the time only. Also before I attempted diagnosing this issue today I updated OA Premium to the latest version released via the auto update. Thanks.
  18. Also just before I tried successfully with the Emsisoft software disabled I tried it again with both EAM & OA Premium running and the System Restore failed to work.
  19. Just tried it and one of my Emsisoft products is the cause. I disabled both EAM and OA Premium from the configurations settings and I was able to use System Restore successfully without having to boot into safe mode first.
  20. Thanks for the response. I'm going to play with it again this week and report back.
  21. Thanks for the response. It's obvious from looking at the amount of people who looked at this thread that no one has experienced an issue with any Emsisoft product preventing system restore from working. I'm going to try it again with them off and report back to this thread. The reason I'm looking at security products first as the culprit is because they are the most likely to prevent this behavior. Thanks.
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