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  1. The reason i'm asking is on my Win 7 Pro x64 laptop system restore will not restore my PC to a previous state unless I do it from safe mode. I've read on line that this issue could be cause my security programs blocking this process. The only security programs I have running on this laptop in real time are EAM, OA Premium and Windows Defender. Is there anything in particular I could look for in the logs? I looked at the logs briefly of both and have not found anything being blocked at the time I was trying to use System Restore. I also have EAM & OA Premium installed in 2 other PC but I have not tried to use sytem restore on these PC's and I will hold off trying it on these PC's because trying to use System Restore multiple times on my laptop made my laptop unstable and I had to restore my laptop with Macrium. Anyway i'm just trying to figure out who or what is preventing System Restore from working unless I start it from safe mode. Thanks.
  2. You might be an experiencing another issue. Start a new thread because the EAM employee that helped me with this issue knows my issue was resolved and has probably not looked at this thread since I told him my issue was fixed. Good luck.
  3. I have only been using EAM for about 5 months now as main and favorite AV. What I've learned to do if something is not loading properly is to check the logs. If a site or app is being blocked it will show up in your logs. If a site does not load you can always turn off temporarily your surf shield and try reloading the site again. If it loads with the surf protection off that immediately tells you where to lock to resolve your site issue. Also yesterday I learned that if you whitelist a site that's is being blocked in the EAM built in host rules. Unless you also unblock it from the built in list the site might load, but will not function properly. So if a whiltelisted site is not working look for it in the built in rules and edit that rule.
  4. I also cleared my history and cache. Try that.
  5. Yes I did everything you asked. Happy to report that after restarting the PC all is now working well. I'm going to do one more reboot to play it safe. Just rebooted again all is well.
  6. No it did not work. Still can access Gmail, google or update Chrome with surf protection enable. I shut down EAM by clicking on shutdown guard. Should I have rebooted instead?
  7. Just sent it. Thanks for the quick reply. EAM just updated 3 mins ago but they have not fixed this issue. They must not be aware of it.
  8. The latest definition files are blocking Google search and Gmail on my pc. I can only access these sites if I turn off surf protection. Both of these sites were working well last night. It's also not letting Chrome check for updates. I fixed loading of sites issues by adding to them the my own rules in the surf protection. But I don't know how to fix the check for updates which is critical for security updates.
  9. I was getting ready to start a new thread but the solution here fixed my auto update issue. Thanks.
  10. I'm using OA Premium also but I'm not running in advance mode. Just changed it to advance mode and now I see it. And it is checked off.
  11. I don't see that option. Under option/firewall I have the following items check off: Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet, new network discovery, lookup external IP address & intercept loopback interface. Could this be under programs/option? I'm going to post some screen shots shortly.
  12. I'm updating my laptop right now with the latest MS Updates that were released this past week. This laptop is running Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 and it required 16 patches. During the installation OA started giving me one pop up right after the other. I initially allowed all the pop ups I saw, but I noticed that some of these pop ups looked like the same pop ups in reference to the same items I had just recently allowed. I was getting the same pop ups over and over again. The MS Updates installation became so frustrating that I changed the firewall setting to learning mode in order to complete the installation. The pop ups only gave me the option to allow or block. There was no option to check off to remember my answer. After completing the installation and restarting the PC, as required to complete the MS Updates installation, I turned off learning mode. Everything is working well right now. But i'm wondering should the firewall be change to learning mode or some other setting for MS updates? I did not have any issues when I did the updates yesterday in my XP Pro SP3 PC. Also I have not had any issues on this laptop with other small updates, such as for Windows Defender. Thanks.
  13. Never mind, it's a Windows bug. I noticed the icon was screwed up in my start menu also. I went it and changed it manually and now it's displaying properly. I'm posting a screen shot anyway so you could see the generic icon I was talking about.
  14. Sorry those all all the AV I used, I have 5 PC's in my home network. I'm going to remove them from my profile. The PC in question is only using Anti-Malware and the Online Armor premium firewall. The only other thing that runs in the background in the PC is Windows Defender.
  15. It's the icon that would appear in the task bar only. It now only displays a generic Windows icon. Again this might be an MS issue. But I figured I'd ask.
  16. In my Windows 7 Pro x64 laptop the icon for Anti-Malware no longer displays properly. This is only happens when I open the program and it sits in my in the task bar. Every where else the icon for Anti-Malware displays properly. Not sure is this is a Anti Malware bug or Windows 7 doing a lousy job with icons, and Windows 7 does a lousy job with icons. I also rebuilt the icon cache and that did not solve the problem. Just curious if anyone else is having this issue. I'm using the latest stable version of Anti-Malware. Thanks.
  17. I thought the real time protection would be protecting my email but i wasn't sure. Plus I'm sure the Online Armor is also providing additional protection in case something get's by. Thanks for the speedy reply.
  18. How does Anti-Malware protect against email viruses & malware? I recently bought a 3-pack of EAM & OA and I was surprise to see that it did not offer any email integration. When i tried on my laptop I over-looked this fact. For me it's not a big deal, but for other PC's users in my household this worries me. I use NOD on our main family desktop which checks in-coming and out-going emails. For now I have chosen not install Anti-Malware & OA on our main family desktop which my wife uses because she get's a lot of crap emails forwarded from friends. Thanks, Bill
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