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  1. Here we are! New Emsisoft OA forum. Couldn't resist posting a first message when I saw this totally empty section! My 15 minutes of fame!! B)
  2. Lynx, You are correct. When I go to the whitelist and add a file manually, it is not detected as a threat during the next scan. But if I right click on a file in the scan results window and "add to whitelist", it will still get detected on the next scan.
  3. I am having yet another issue. I can add threats from the scan results to my whitelist and add files directly to the whitelist manually, but they still show up as threats in the next scan. In the whitelist, I am only ticking the "scanner" box, not the file or behavior guards (this is what the "add to whitelist" function in the context menu does).
  4. It just happened to me again this morning. It doesn't happen every time. I can open file lists and right click a few times, then it will happen. It doesn't seem to matter if the scan is ongoing or finished.
  5. General question....... Should I post issues that are not likely bugs in this thread (since I am running the beta) or in a new thread (to keep this one clear of beginner's issues)? And what is Emsisoft Anti-Malware's new nickname when we refer to it? I've seen A-M, but typing a hypen is cumbersome. I kind of like EAM.
  6. I forgot to say that I had this occur on my previous laptop with version 4.5 as well. Yes, same thing. I am used to being able to go back to detected threats later on (I ran Kaspersky for the last couple of years). I think it is a major limitation to have these disappear when you leave the screen. It does look like the same issue. Two more reboots and the dot only appeared for a few seconds each time. The first time was a couple of minutes and I had to enable manually. I will watch this, but it sounds like it is expected. I went ahead and disabled WSC. I am running Win7-64bit (in my sig). I have had several different AV and FW programs installed. I have always uninstalled before trying something else, and used the removal tool whenever possible. Followed by CCleaner. Still, there may be a remnant or two. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hmmm. EAM is not starting with guard enabled. I do have it configured to do so. After startup, the icon looks like this: I can enable guard in right click menu. But Win7 Action Center is telling me both AV and AntiSpyware are not running. Telling Action Center to start EAM only brings up the GUI and Action Center still says it isn't running.
  8. Greetings, I have joined the beta run and hopefully the A-M community the way it is looking so far. A couple of questions/issues: 1) Is the beta subject to the trial period only before having to pay? I installed A2 on my previous laptop two weeks ago to begin testing during the transition to my new laptop. I just installed the beta on my new Win7-64bit laptop and used the same email address for my account. So I am starting with just two weeks in the trial. 2) There is something funky in the scan results window. After a scan, I am clicking the "+" signs to see locations of found threats. The window locks up and has to be terminated. A-M remains active though. When I open the security status window again all is ok. 3) There doesn't seem to be a way to leave and return to the found results. When I was surveying the results, I went to one of the identified files and did an on-demand scan and the scan results replaced all of the previous results. Am I missing a place to find history? I don't see this option in the log tab. I could not return to the results after the window locked up and I restarted it as in #2 either. Thanks! .
  9. James, I'm not clear on how to install the beta. I'm reading that I should enable beta updates in my current configuration, but I haven't installed yet. I have Win7-64bit, so do I install the current release of A-M even though it is not 64bit?
  10. You've convinced me. I'll give it a shot tomorrow along with ZoneAlarmPro, which I'll change for OA when its 64bit version is released. Thanks.......
  11. I've run plenty of betas in my time, but I'm more reluctant with an AV beta on a brand new computer. I have enough that I'm working out without adding that variable to the mix. If release is more than a month away however, I may change my mind rather than buying ZAAV, which I might not end up keeping. I grabbed one of the free licenses for ZA Pro yesterday, so I could run A-M with that until OA is ready. We'll see, we'll see!
  12. Thanks James, that's reassuring. I've not used A2 as I have Win7-64bit and am waiting for your release to test it. I have been optimistic from my reading in general. I'm now running ZoneAlarmAntiVirus which generally gets very good reviews with that combination of firewall and Kaspersky AV engine. I used to run Kaspersky Internet Security, but it has always been heavy on the system for me. But the OA/A2 combo is attractive to me.
  13. Since we are looking at the results and the validity of these tests, would anyone in the know care to comment about the PCSL results in which A2 had good detection but the highest amount of false positives in the field? Is this something to take seriously or not and, if not, why? http://www.pcsecuritylabs.net/ Thank you.
  14. I read PCSL's report and A2 did indeed have excellent detection. However, it is concerning, particularly in combination with the VB100 report, that PCSL rated A2 as having the highest false positive rate out of all tested.