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  1. I do not have Adobe Acrobat installed. Did not work Microsoft Office 2016 Pro. Office 2013 worked. Rollback to the "Delayed" channel updates, solved the problem. On the "Beta" channel, after the release of "New Behavior Blocker" the office began to open without error. I hope I clearly described the situation.
  2. HI Frank Excellent! Working.
  3. Windows 7. A similar problem. This is with both 8006 and 8134. After upgrading to 8006, Microsoft Office 2016 stopped running.
  4. Exactly the same problem. Stuck after the welcome window. Installing Windows 6.1-KB2921916-x64 does not help. Temporarily solved the problem installing a version 11 "deferred" channel updates. When waiting for patches 12 version for windows 7?
  5. Good. I will see what will happen next. Previously, it was not.
  6. Today saw the mistake. You can comment on this? Version EIS
  7. Thank you for the clarification. Rule works.
  8. windows 7 time synchronization error with time.windows.com I switch off the firewall and time synchronized immediately. The problem in the firewall? No pop-no queries.
  9. Who has problems, download the corrected cmd update cmd_update_fix.zip
  10. Hi, GT500 Beta updates – 2015-11-11 Emsisoft Internet Security fixed the problem with blocking Viber. Thank you!
  11. I should add that the firewall is turned off Viber works. If you enable the firewall, Viber does not start and gives an error
  12. The firewall blocks the Viber on your PC. This is 11 version Emsisoft Internet Security. On 10 Viber version worked fine. How can I fix this?
  13. Today update server is not responding. What's the matter? Overload?
  14. Hi, Fabian Wosar! Thanks for the answer. But in my opinion it is wrong. But if so decided, then so be it.
  15. Rather, it is a mistake. In version 8 blocking sites does not reach the counter. In version 9, and is considered as a virus gets into the counter. How to reset the report I know. I think it's not right.
  16. EAM blocking the website puts it as a malicious object in counter.
  17. Thank you for your help. But I knew that the problem occurred with the use of wi-fi adapter ZyXEL G-202 EE. Do not become a long think and understand the problem. Replaced it with another - D-Link. The problem with the BSOD now gone.
  18. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is only used as a scanner with disabled real-time protection
  19. Thank you for transfer to the appropriate category. By the way. BSOD even noticed today with Shutdown Online Amore.
  20. After disabling the Online Armor, BSOD disappears.
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