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  1. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Surfshark VPN Tor Browser with HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin
  2. Siketa

    Submit typo

    "imformation" -> "information" 😊
  3. Siketa

    CLOSED Beta 9188

    Under Surf Protection, where is "Hide built in list" checkbox? No hosts are shown in the list. Privacy option is gone now?
  4. I recommend you to try free K9 Web Protection.
  5. Siketa

    CLOSED New thing to test

    I don't experience that behavior with Avira or Comodo extensions. I'm sure it can be further optimized.
  6. Siketa

    CLOSED New thing to test

    Website blocked! notification page should load and show much faster. When I test it on malc0de page, each blocked page or download is shown for a split second.
  7. Siketa

    CLOSED New thing to test

    When you disable extension, the icon in Chrome does not change and remains blue. It should be grey or something similar.
  8. Siketa

    CLOSED Merry X-mas 

    Merry Christmas to all Emsisoft users and employees!
  9. Siketa

    Merry Christmas!

    No, man....I was just joking....
  10. Siketa

    Merry Christmas!

    You are 9 days early...
  11. Siketa

    First impressions + a few remark

    I know....he missed "-" sign and capital T. 😁
  12. Siketa

    First impressions + a few remark

    This is AV-Comparatives, not AV-Test, like andone said. Emsisoft does not participate in AV-Test any more.
  13. Siketa

    Possible scanner/logs GUI bugs

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.10.0.9014 beta Still not fixed.
  14. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    Both issues fixed in the latest beta.