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  1. Siketa

    First impressions + a few remark

    I know....he missed "-" sign and capital T. 😁
  2. Siketa

    First impressions + a few remark

    This is AV-Comparatives, not AV-Test, like andone said. Emsisoft does not participate in AV-Test any more.
  3. Siketa

    Possible scanner/logs GUI bugs

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.10.0.9014 beta Still not fixed.
  4. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    Both issues fixed in the latest beta.
  5. It was probably asked before but anyway.... In older versions we could auto adjust column width by double clicking on separators. This is not possible any more and it requires lots of time and nerves to adjust them properly. Any chance of bringing this functionality back?
  6. Siketa

    CLOSED Beta 8988

    Don't get me wrong but why those minor fixes have to wait so long to be fixed? Give me access to the code for 15 minutes and I will fix all typos and wrong links for the next beta...
  7. Siketa

    CLOSED Beta 8988

    Of course you do but all the bugs that I reported in previous versions are still not fixed in this latest beta. Nothing new to add...
  8. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    Hmmm.....IE autocorrects your link and puts second slash sign. I got it to work....I have to click on address bar in IE and press Enter. Then it opens Sciter web page correctly.
  9. Siketa

    Another missing tooltip

    Now it works. Thanks.
  10. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    I can confirm that the sciter link opens correctly with Chrome and Firefox but not with IE 11 which was my default browser.
  11. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    I forgot to tell you that this happens in Internet Explorer 11 browser.
  12. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    This also happens in stable version...that is why I posted it here.
  13. Siketa

    Wrong GUI links

    Can someone else try to reproduce?
  14. Siketa

    Another missing tooltip

    Whatever it should be it is currently not working. Pointer does not change and clicking on it makes no action.
  15. Go to Settings and Exclusions. Hover with your pointer over "environment variables". No tooltip is shown.