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  1. Frank, I have already done that through EAM support few minutes after the first issue occured.
  2. Using the latest EAM 2017.3.0.7318 beta on Win 7 HomePremium SP1 x64. Some good files in behavior blocker tab are still marked as Unknown. In stable version those are also shown first when I open GUI but are removed after few seconds. Online check confirms them as Trusted in AMN. Are there some AMN problems?
  3. I have extended my friend's license few weeks ago and those days were added. You don't have to wait...
  4. Sorry, stapp.....I didn't read your report before.....yeah, it could be....
  5. Logs are sent through application.
  6. Ohhh.....yes......something is wrong here...... It just happened again...... But this time Windows started after, let's say, 30 seconds.... Maybe I just didn't wait enough yesterday?
  7. My Windows version is always the same.... Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 x64
  8. I have restored a snaphot and made an upgrade again. This time everything went smooth....
  9. Happened again few minutes ago while EAM was updating to the latest beta 2017.2.0.720. After manual restart my PC won't boot anymore. It just shows black screen with mouse pointer. Safe mode works but normal mode does not. EDIT: In Safe mode, I have disabled Emsi service and startup and now I can login in Normal mode, as usual...but EAM is currently down.
  10. No, because AMN knows it is safe. This was just for your info.
  11. This is design.