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  1. Did you select Folder under Type options?
  2. On PC with Internet connection: 1) Download and extract EEK to the folder on local disk 2) Run EEK and perform an update (signatures are stored in folder) 3) Copy entire EEK folder from local disk to USB stick Go to offline PC, plug in USB stick and run EEK. You are ready to clean!
  3. I agree...that is why you have a behavior blocker.
  4. There are some A engine updates over weekend but are rare and have only few signatures. They are small company...people have to rest.
  5. I ask because this is the right name when I enter it in Google search....
  6. Actually, one 20% off coupon code was still working fine...I just wanted to use it to buy a gift for my best man. And now....
  7. What happeed to discount coupon code box in the Store? Few days ago it was there....
  8. Ok. I hope you will soon add this feature to the Chrome browser.
  9. OT: Fabian, any plans for BB to warn about browser hijacking apps? Those are very annoying.....
  10. You should get a warning that reboot is required in order to remove malware.
  11. Did EIS stop it by signature or behavior blocker?
  12. It's weekend. Someone will probably answer on Monday.
  13. Yes, you are right. In Help file there is written: "Advanced users may wish to change the default installation folder used during setup. This can be achieved by using the /DIR parameter. For example /DIR="c:\My Folder\Emsisoft Anti-Malware" or /DIR="c:\My Folder\Emsisoft Internet Security"" I'm not sure if this relies only on different folder on C: partition or can be done with the line /DIR="D:\My Folder\Emsisoft Anti-Malware" as well.
  14. I'm talking about "normal" installation that almost all users perform, not the custom one. I have never seen a window with dialogue that asks you about destination folder. I edited my previous post a little.
  15. I think it automatically installs on system partition. AFAIK, there is no way to change or choose installation folder. I could be wrong though.....
  16. My advice is not to use SAS as on-demand scanner at all. MBAM is way better.
  17. There will not be an amount of messages. The first one that detects it (you can set EAM FileGuard to Thorough) will take care of it.
  18. No, I can not since I use EAM, not EIS. But often such problems are resolved in the latest version. You can make a partition/system image first and then upgrade. Later, if you are not happy, just restore an image.
  19. Thanks. Would you like to try to enable Beta updates and then update from stable version .4799 to beta .4925? IMPORTANT: – It is not possible to downgrade (by un-ticking ‘enable beta updates’) to current public stable You will have to uninstall and reinstall stable. – Update to requires a computer reboot.
  20. Latest stable or beta version? Please, write all numbers.
  21. What version are you using?