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  1. Guys, shouldn't checkboxes in screenshot "Sin titulo2.jpg" be enabled?
  2. Emsisoft already detects it with Bitdefender engine. You have to click on "View latest" link.
  3. Are you sure that ESS was completely uninstalled? Did you use their uninstaller or Windows'?
  4. Is it possible that you are going to include this feature(s) in future versions?
  5. Ahhh....I'm no expert in firewalls and do not use it so will skip the poll.....
  6. For which apps you get alerts? I got only few of them, mainly for less known, unsigned software that updates often. Can you export the log and share it so Emsi can whitelist them?
  7. Have you tried with different browsers?
  8. EISP is not available any more. Instead they offer EIS. But, since EAM and OA are still there, you can combine them as before and have EISP.
  9. No. It is replaced by Emsisoft Internet Security.
  10. Firewall component in EIS is not the same as in OA. People often ignore or just do not know the difference.
  11. Maybe because each party can benefit from this scenario... You sell it-you get and save the money, it continues to live. You abandon it-you save the money, we get the free product.
  12. In case you cease further development, are you going to sell it or turn into free abandonware?
  13. You complain about memory usage on a PC with 16 GB of RAM? Did you run the trial before purchase to check behavior on your machine? It is still fairly new product and has to mature. Don't give up on it so easily.
  14. I have already asked that but, as far as I remember, the answer was that it is by design. Maybe we should wait for someone from Emsi to answer your question.
  15. Did you try to close the browser, open it again and then go to that site? AFAIK, the rule is not applied during the same browser session.
  16. Elise, can you confirm that EAM does not show which file(s) are falsely detected? It only gives you this info window.
  17. I selected "Block once" and this is how it ended.....
  18. It is toolbar. If you want to install it, you can allow it. Otherwise, block it. Installation will finish anyway.
  19. Thanks. Someone from Emsi will surely take a look soon...
  20. In addition to Tempus' advice, set one AV to on-access and the other one to on-execution scanning.