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  1. 1) Emsisoft Renew page contains old GUI. Please, update the screenshots. 2) GEO-MREŽA d.o.o. is listed as Emsisoft partner in Croatia.This company has been shut since 2017. Web page and phone are dead.
  2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.9.0.8954 beta Appearance tooltip text is not shown.
  3. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.9.0.8954 beta Still not fixed.
  4. Thanks, I didn't know about this issue. Original post edited, 3rd bug removed.
  5. 1) I executed "Malware Scan" and it finished. Click on "View report" button shows message that the log is not available (screenshot 1.jpg) although it is there under Logs (screenshot 2.jpg). 2) The scan log says "Processing Smart Scan" (screenshot 2.jpg). I guess it is a leftover from previous EAM versions when it actually existed. "Processing Malware Scan" makes more sense. BTW, Quick Scan does not have this line. Expected or not? EAM 2018.8.1.8923 running on Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 64-bit
  6. After installation on USB flash drive, during the first update procedure I noticed the date under "Security news" was 1.1.1970. EEK 2018.6.0.8742 Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit
  7. Could is Intel graphic card within i5 CPU.
  8. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.11.0.8247 BETA on Windows 7 x64 Home Premium SP1 Just performed an update to the latest beta. When notification box is shown I put the mouse pointer over "change blog" text link. The second row then blinks and this repeats each time you move the pointer away and back over the link.
  9. They don't work at the office. Therefore, weekends should pose no problem to connect from virtually any location today and answer a question.
  10. Thanks, Frank! IMHO the easiest way to fix it is to put that limitation in Info description and allow max. 3 digits for input.
  11. I would like to hear from the devs is this intended behavior or some kind of a glitch/bug. Thanks in advance!
  12. EAM 2017.7 on Windows 7 HomePremium x64 SP1. 1) Change any value to be greater than 1000 and close GUI or just change active tab. Go back to the settings....max values are reverted to 999. 2) For "Removable device connections" you can not enter 4th digit. In case this is by design I think it would be good to put that limitation in Info.
  13. EAM 2017.7 on Windows 7 HomePremium x64 SP1. I have just reset EAM to factory default settings with only first checkbox enabled (General software settings) and error window appeared. Report was sent. I tried to reproduce it again but looks like it occured only once.
  14. AV engine usually detects malicious file on-access (first action), while BB does it on-execution (second action).
  15. Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.6.0.7640 In new "Email Notifications" window, "Ok" button should be "OK".
  16. No problem...I will let you know today evening or tomorrow...
  17. EAM 2017.4.1.7484 beta on Windows 7 SP1 x64 HomePremium always installs a2dix64.sys many times as I try to update it.