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  1. Are we going to have new OA version today as Fabian said?
  2. bad...I'm working with OA now..... You should put both a2guard.exe and a2service.exe files to Exclusions list in Antivirus tab.
  3. Gator, I think in CAV you should put oa*.exe files in Exclusions tab.
  4. What about AVs settings? Can they co-exist together in real time or something should be changed?
  5. I'm glad to inform you that the problem is fixed now. Great job, guys!
  6. It was not answered but later afternoon everything was back to normal. It is not big deal. I was just wondering if there was some problem going on that we should be aware of.
  7. Guys, can you share some info about new OA version? When do you plan to release it? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi, guys! Why is there very small number of added signatures today?
  9. Good to know that, Thomas.... I thought you posted that link as a solution for "my" bug.... BRG.
  10. My problem happened with that last 6.x.52 version....few days after it was released. I have only 1 physical drive in my PC.
  11. EAM is going to get email scanner soon...
  12. The same problem happened to me today while trying to install 6.x.52 version. DebugView log is in attachment. Best regards.
  13. Are there redundant servers in the farm? Why the failure of a single server caused the failure of update process? You should do something to avoid situations like this in the future. BRG.
  14. Have you tried to disable KIS? IMHO you don't need both products. Choose only one of them for protection.
  15. CCE is portable on-demand scanner for cleaning already infected PCs. Something like EEK. It can be used along with Emsi products. Just be sure to double check all detected items cause it has higher FP ratio.
  16. There are also cloud products like Immunet Protect or Kingsoft PC Doctor that can be used together with EAM or OA++.
  17. Another proof that nothing is 100% resistant to malware. I suggest using Online Armor or Private Firewall along with EAM.