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  1. Welcome, CWS! I can help and guide you when you decide to make a purchase. Relax, the store web page is safe and protected...otherwise you would already hear about problems. There are tons of users who bought Emsi products online. Established security company like Emsi surely knows how to protect its users.
  2. Just happened to me again after upgrading to I also couldn't make any on-demand scan during that Windows session. EAM just opened scan window and did nothing. After reboot, it is working ok.
  3. I think the same thing happened to me too. I was able to simply turn it on manually.
  4. I can confirm there is a slowdown, especially in the fifth step, comparing to the older versions. On my system that is not an issue cause it is pretty fast anyway (3-4 mins on SSD)... scan_161028-194524_old version.txt scan_161125-180255_new version.txt
  5. I tried to reproduce but it does not happen here...
  6. Already reported
  8. Thanks...I upgraded it before new blog entry was created. Also, Thomas sent me the same answer on PM.
  9. 2 potential bugs after the latest upgrade to v3.0.1: 1) EMS icon was removed from the home screen 2) Activation code was forgotten, trial version was started instead of licensed Both issues were easily solved but still.....
  10. Could you improve this by not auto-removing the file until first update?
  11. Now you only have to download the logs?
  12. I think so....I've sent logs in the first and the third post... Do you need something else?
  13. happened just few minutes ago....I'm still in that Windows session. I can not create dump file cause I get an error window with "The operation could not be completed. The system cannot find the path specified." message. Also, in Paint I can not save the screenshot that I made. WSC is reporting EAM is turned off.
  14. Ahhh...ok....thanks for the instructions....
  15. it right click on process in Task Manager and execute "Create Dump File" after restart?
  16. Today my EAM has not started at all. I had to manually restart PC again. After second boot it was started properly. new
  17. My EAM was updating to the latest stable released today. I received a notification popup (GUI was closed) but when I pressed Restart button nothing happened. EAM did not restart...even after few minutes. I had to manually restart PC in order to finish the update.
  18. OK...could it be improved to also scan BB detections? In case like I described it would remove entries that were first blocked but later changed to safe.
  19. File was detected by behavior blocker and auto-quarantined. Later, due to my submission, it's verdict was changed to Safe. But, after re-scanning the quarantine, EAM reports there are no false positives. This entries should be automatically purged in such cases.
  20. Update to the latest beta .6828 went fine, with all notifications it should. You can close the ticket.