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  1. Hmmm.....when performing an update after computer's first boot today, nothing happened. Beta was not updated (I have beta feed enabled). After restart, it was updated but I received no info popup about new version and application restart. Interesting, update log shows all modules were updated correctly. update log.txt
  2. should be: "Our Global Moderators & Employee finally agreed on the following message:"
  3. Siketa

    CLOSED Update

    OK....I have just tried to reproduce this again but everything seems to be OK after an update. You can close the ticket.
  4. Oh, damn!!!!! Another's not my day.... Sorry, Frank!
  5. Hmmmmm...I haven't noticed that before cause I don't do Custom scans at all. You can close this ticket then. Thanks, Frank (EDITED: Pete)! BTW, I have just jumped into public beta vagon...had some issues and I couldn't afford to try private betas before.
  6. When I manually make an on-demand scan of some random files, all these files are shown in Scan-Custom Scan box. Also, there are only "Add folder" & "Remove folder" buttons but actually files are shown.
  7. Siketa

    CLOSED Update

    No, but I have a system image with EAM v11 and will try to reproduce later today. I will update this topic with a result.
  8. Siketa

    CLOSED Update

    Yesterday, after I made an update from stable EAM v11 to the latest beta v12, I have noticed that my File Guard setting changed from Balanced to Thorough. Can anyone confirm, please?
  9. Sorry if this has already been asked about.... I download a malicious file and it is detected. In a popup, there is Settings link and when I press it EAM GUI opens at Surf Protection card. Isn't it more logical to open File Guard card cause the file was detected by that protection module?
  10. Right click on tray icon. There is a "Host rules" option that opens "Surf Protection" card. Maybe it would be good to rename "Host rules" to "Surf protection"? Application rules opens Application Rules.
  11. Striving for perfection... EAM on Windows 7 HomePremium SP1 x64 1.jpg: Quarantine tab: In description text there is a double space between words "Delete" and "to" 2.jpg: Settings tab: Under Configuration, there is a small misalignment of "Edit application rules" line (to the right)
  12. No, you don't have to renew your license. But first, make sure to uninstall it from the old computer while you are online. That way, Emsisoft License Center will track the will delete attachment of your license key to your old computer and will re-attach it to the new one once you install it on new computer again. I hope Emsi guys will correct me if I'm wrong...
  13. OK, let us know about result....
  14. I have just installed all three versions and all program executables are digitally signed by "ArcticLine Software". From your screenshot I can see that .exe file is not signed. What is the version you are using? Maybe your setup was corrupted. Try to uninstall it and re-install again. BTW, it is Marker, not Maker...
  15. Signatures are same for both channels. Beta is referred to program updates.
  16. If you enable beta updates, you will get the latest beta with the fix. They usually promote this same beta to the stable release if some major bugs are not found. Once the new stable version is out, your EAM will not update cause it will already have that version. Then you can switch to stable updates again. If you switch updates to stable channel while the latest beta is still actual, the first manual/automatic update will revert EAM to the last stable version. Do you follow this? Personally, I always use beta updates and if some problem occurs, switch to stable channel and revert back to the previous version that was working fine.
  17. The same thing happened to me but it was a temporary fix. New beta build hopefully fixes it completely.
  18. Open EAM/EIS GUI and go to Settings tab. Uncheck "Enable self protection" option and close GUI. Start Task Manager (right click on Taskbar and click its name). In "Processes" tab click on "a2start.exe" and select "End Process". Now open GUI should be able to use button(s) properly now but only until first reboot. Then you have to repeat this procedure.
  19. You have to end a2start.exe process in Task Manager (first disable Emsi self protection in Settings) and then open GUI again. That did it for me but only in current Windows session. Emsi is aware of the problem. At the end, until it is fixed, I suggest to turn on self protection again. Better safe than sorry...
  20. Thanks,'s more an usability issue.