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  1. No, this app was never locked before. I lock only those that are potential security holes in case my smartphone gets stolen. Those are: EMS, Google Play and Settings.
  2. Yes, v2.0.5 solved the problem on my smartphone...but like I said in PM, AppLock still behaves buggy sometimes. For example, today it prompted me for a password while I was checking sport results in this unlocked application:
  3. No problem, G! This steps were provided by Orlando Pivi. Thanks, Orlando!
  4. You have to end a2start.exe process in Task Manager (first disable Emsi self protection in Settings) and then open GUI again. That did it for me but only in current Windows session. They are aware of the problem and hopefully working on it. At the end, until it is fixed, I suggest to turn on self protection again. Better safe than sorry...
  5. I can confirm the same issue in EAM. Browse button does not open search window. Same problem happens to me at Add new Application rule window, Whitelist, Import setting, Add file to Quarantine... EDIT: I am going to open trouble ticket.
  6. In case "Lock" (Screenshot 1) is selected, EMS successfully locks the application. But click on "Never" (Screenshot 1) causes "Emsisoft Mobile Security Error" message with Report and OK buttons (Screenshot 2).
  7. My smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1. Every time new app is installed I can choose whether or not to lock it. After selecting a "Never" option, error popup shows up. I've already sent few internal reports.
  8. Can't you just extend his existing key?
  9. I think you can not update signatures without updating the software itself.
  10. You can disable your internet connection first. That way Emsi will not be able to make program update...but you will have no signatures updates too.
  11. herdprotect has lots of false positives. Been there done that.
  12. Zemana uses more engines and is portable.
  13. They have a problem with signature updates and are working on it.
  14. Is there a changelog for v2? Info about new version is not published on
  15. Ah, yes....sorry...I forgot about that rule.....didn't mean to cause any harm here......
  16. I submitted this behavior but nobody cares to reply.
  17. Open EAM's interface. Go to Logs-behavior blocker. It should be there... The whole path to the file should be also under Protection-application rules.
  18. You can see the file path from the log or from the application rule window and go to that specific folder.
  19. If you allowed it once then it will appear again at the next startup. You can zip that file and submit it in FP topic for whitelisting.
  20. You can safely select "Allow always" button.
  21. The one that is giving you alerts: "FolderMarker.exe" from "Folder Marker" folder.
  22. Zip that file and attach it to your post in False positive submissions topic.