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  1. ZAM scans only on-execution. Set EAM File Guard to its default "Balanced" setting (scans on-creation/modification and will first react when file is downloaded or created).
  2. No, you scan once and then check all the tabs. Uncheck those elements you are sure are not malicious. Restart is needed in order to complete cleaning successfully. There is a quarantine so you can restore removed files later in case you experience system malfunctioning or similar problems.
  3. Can you link its home page or some other download source so I can try to reproduce?
  4. Yep....I is hard to keep up with all those malicious sites....often they are active for a short period of time.... Then they have to remove them manually from would be great if they could somehow automate the procedure or empower some AI to deal with it....
  5. You can submit the sites in Malware submissions topic so they can add them to the blacklist if needed.
  6. I can reproduce it. Do you want me to open the ticket in Tracker for this issue?
  7. Suggestion: Use products like Macrium Reflect, Acronis True Image or Easus ToDo Backup. They are far superior to Windows built-in tool and rarely cause any problems.
  8. I think avast shows one pop-up window and you use left/right arrows to navigate through multiple detections. Maybe Emsi could use this approach?
  9. Did you enable memory optimization option in Settings?
  10. You can also disable beta updates, perform manual update and your EIS will be downgraded to the latest stable version.
  11. This should be fixed...I have experienced similar behavior in the past and that was always corrected in latter versions...
  12. I think so. "Buy Now" button leads to
  13. I know when you submit samples through forum, it takes only few hours for Emsi to create signatures. Don't know if this is the case with internal mechanism as well.