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  1. Please, if you experience potential FPs, report them in proper topic so those can be fixed.
  2. During my testings I found that most FPs come from BD engine, not Emsi. You can check my FP topic..... EDIT: Number of FPs has significantly drop since Emsi switched from Ikarus to BD engine.
  3. Thanks! I guess many users, especially not advanced, will not edit rule(s).
  4. Why is this not done automatically? This way it confuses users....unless this could be malicious action too.
  5. I have just tried and it installed fine. There was one AMN notification but it said installer is safe.
  6. I think they said this option will probably be removed in future version.
  7. From my has lots of FPs. You have to be careful when selecting what to clear and what to leave.
  8. They are still two separated products but MBAR anti-rootkit technology was recently built into MBAM as well.
  9. Adding VoodooShield or AppGuard should cover potential risks EIS misses.....
  10. I suggest to always make a partition or disk image before installing any security software. Later you can just restore it to the previous state if problem occurs.
  11. Ahhh....didn't know that. I was testing WSA in VM with Windows7 and, as far as I can remember, it had outbound control.
  12. WSA has it own firewall. I would go with EAM+WSA if I were you.
  13. I would rather add something like VoodooShield or AppGuard to EAM....
  14. 1) Right click on tray icon->Protection status->Enter Game mode
  15. True. No need to make it bloated.