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  1. I suggest you to turn off MSE. You don't really need it along EAM.
  2. Yes, but this option is disabled by default. That means they have changed it, right?
  3. Christian said on Wilders that the next beta is going to be released tomorrow.
  4. True but they are small team with limited funding.
  5. I see your point but you could also wait few weeks before buying or at least ask here first.
  6. Comodo Firewall, Private Firewall, Outpost Firewall.
  7. You can restore them from Quarantine to original location.
  8. Use VMware Player instead of VirtualBox.
  9. Can you upload the files to VirusTotal to check if those are malicious?
  10. I know...that's why I asked. Maybe they can arrange a deal or something.
  11. Christian, can you include this hotfix in EAM/EIS installer?
  12. Actually, I think you can run all digitally signed apps with limited rights by default. So, they will not do any harm but will leave traces that some scanner might detect. Right?
  13. Yes, this is due to the optimization.
  14. From my experience, Full Scan is useful in finding malware traces.
  15. pallino, first it checks AMN and then alerts you.
  16. Maybe you will find an answer here....
  17. Hehehehe....yeah, some things could be improved to be more user-friendly....
  18. Click on Item column and then on 3 dots....