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  1. I'm not sure how that's possible, it's a popular voice chat app like mumble or skype. --edit-- Actually it does let users post files for people to download, and I'm guessing cdn.discordapp.com might be where they host from. I just tested it. I hosted a text file within discord and tried to access the service to download it but it was blocked by emsisoft av. Could this be the reason why it's blocked?
  2. Hello, I believe the detection to be a false positive, but whenever I launch the voice-chat application discord, my Emsisoft Anti-Malwre notifies me that it's blocked a connection to a suspicious host at cdn.discordapp.com. Can this be fixed by an update or do I need to add an exclusion?
  3. Same thing with the option unchecked, both before and after the restart. This time the server IP was: Connecting to public( ... 11.883: Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( ... 17.900: Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( ... 23.918: Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( ... 29.934: Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( ... 35.956: Sendi
  4. I've uploaded the logs to bayfiles (going to send you a pm with the link). I went into the watch live game in the Dota 2 menu, which throws you into a player perspective of a game in progress, and not all the live matches had trouble connecting. I was able to reproduce the issue on this live game. Here's what the in-game log said, which I supposed is useful to you only for the troublesome IP address: Connecting to public( ... 87.015: Sending UDP connect to public IP Retrying public( ... 93.026: Sending UDP connect to pu
  5. CS:GO connects fine in advanced mode. It's the only other multiplayer game I have on steam.
  6. I'll try when I get home, but I played a game successfully earlier today under advanced mode, but the next game, a different server IP I guess, didn't work at all. I noticed it not connecting, switched to standard mode, and it loaded no problem.
  7. When I try to play the valve game Dota 2 with Online armor in advanced mode, the game will not connect. I've tried adding the steam folder to the exclusions list but that didn't work. When I run Online Armor in standard mode, the problem goes away. I have logging enabled, and nothing shows up as blocked at all in the online armor firewall logs, or in the program logs.
  8. I just tried it again and it seems to work now. It's showing the right dates in Online Armor... maybe just a slow server or something. I did send a support ticket in as well, so maybe they fixed it.
  9. I just purchased renewal for my online armor account from the website and I'm getting the wrong dates associated with my key. It says: 1/20/2008 1/19/2010 as the start and expiry date. How do I fix this?
  10. It's my own stupid fault I think, I must have accidentally clicked the forget unknown programs at reboot setting. I was going through the settings today and saw this, but I didn't even know that I could do that. I have no idea when/how I activated it.
  11. Lately, Online armor forgets any new programs I run after a system reboot. It seems to remember them as long as I'm logged in, but as soon as I reboot my computer, and try to run the programs again, it prompts me about a programs behavior. So when I reboot and run Mumble, for example, it will prompt and ask me if I want to run mumble and then prompt to ask if I want to run the thirty or so dll files mumble uses as plugins for games. Very annoying. I also cannot install mouse drivers, as OA forgets, once the system reboots, that I've given the program permission to run and auto-start. I'
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