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  1. I deleted some REGISTRY Files that are in STARTUP, - virus it seems injected in deafult browser Sorry, again! i resolved program! thanks shadowputerdude
  2. RESOLVED: some of programs are cybercime (reguraly downloaded by, Trojan-Downlader!K) downloads invisible) and wants to bypass my firewall and antivirus (registry change) Sorry, post can delete.
  3. OK, look new post! help me please
  4. Here are the logs of avz4 And i run combofix too! here is log of ComboFix Here are the logs of tdskiller
  5. A major prevents the guard ..... . cannot connect to service Emsisoft - Anti Malware !!! Here are uploaded logs, (emergency kit, otl) It tooks me some hours/minutes scan in: smart scan !! EMERGENCY KIT I have a program called Win-Spy (i wanna monitor my children) Antiviruses detects a virus, ok i deleted it! My Last antivirus was ESET My new antivirus its EMSISOFT (because has a SUPER-SCAN ENGINE)
  6. @krzhychu; please! help me i get this error too, what file to delete?
  7. Hi All! I buyed EAM (emsisoft anti-malware), and i have license key. I tried to unlock full version but it says: "Please Check Internet Settings..." Surely I'm connected to internet, i have activated windows firewall and it's already in exceptions list! ~ Please what to do! HELP ME PLEASE! Sincerely., VaLo EDIT: I get a error too, it says a major prevents the guard.... I rebooted pc a couple times Unninstallled- Installled again couple times Run tdskiller and shows 6 infected threats i deleted them (i can't cure them)
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