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  1. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    So... Thanks anyway... I hope Emsisoft improves his ability to not qualify like malware tested false positives...if possible one day...
  2. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    Ok. So I wait for more...
  3. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    I made what you said... What are the steps after: I wait for the answer of the Emsisoft developer?
  4. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    For what I discover on the Net files with file extension .RIT are part of «Farstone» programs... And I have Farstone Restore It instlled on my PC. Also I´ve read on the Net that «Farstone» programs change MBR ... so I can, perhaps, take the conclusion that Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1, the only thing «found» by Emsisoft Anti Malware complete scan, was a false rootkit... What you think about it?
  5. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    So... But you´ve said nothing about:«But Now I have 12 .RIT files (from VPART000.RIT to VPART011.RIT) on drive C:// of about 2gigabytes each and i want to know if i can delete them. Can I?» Those files were made by the restore mechanism of Combo Fix? Now I send you the print screen from Disk Management...
  6. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    I made what you said and it takes about one hour to complete the task...After some programs didn´t start up (for instance Antivirus). I reboot the PC and more programs start up, but even so Ashampoo Magical Defrag and Kasperky Internet Security didn´t start well. After I shut down completely the PC and swich on and everithig was ok. But Now I have 12 .RIT files (from VPART000.RIT to VPART011.RIT) on drive C:// of about 2gigabytes each and i want to know if i can delete them. Can I? The problem is that I´ve runed a smart scan with Emsisoft Anti Malware again and the problem (Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1) still remains. Is it dangerous or can I trust that my PC will run normally witout problems on the days that are coming?
  7. Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1

    I was able to make Emsisoft Emergency Kit scan but OTL scan stay stucked/frozen when «Scanning Firefox settings»...I tried for 3 times and some problem occur and I shut down Windows and swich on Windows and same problem happen...
  8. Hello I made a complete scan with Emsisoft AntiMalware and it finds, «only», Heuristic.Possible.MBR.Rootkit!E1 i (on\\.\PhysicalDrive0 - Rootkits)... There was an alert to view those support foruns and I ´ve read the following post: So I Download TDSSKiller and save it to my Desktop and Double-click on TDSSKiller.exe to run the application; it founds four threads and now I send the report as an attach file... What can i do more to clean my PC? Thanks Paulo