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  1. I installed 5.5 today used my license off user page. Decided to restore a image and was going to reinstall and my key in the user area is gone and isn't in my EAM area either. I am trying to understand how that can happen. I have had alot of trouble with this relationship and didn't want to throw 600 + days of both products away without using it as it adds up to money. But maybe it is time to give up.

  2. We ended up taking OA and EAM both off. We had the warnings from the action center that EAM was reporting it was shut off. And we also had an issue where EAM was not starting on system restart and the start up option would untick itself.These were the only security software on the computer. We have small children who like Nicolodeon and a couple other kid sites and we can't expect them to baby sit security programs.Problems like this once or twice makes it tough to trust programs no matter how much hype they recieve .

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