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  1. Thanks for the answer, but i just read it after the problem has gone. I just startet Anti-Malware today and there has been an autoupdate in between. I can activate both options without a problem now.
  2. I started this topic and i just uninstalled it again and downloaded todays version 6.00.52 , the problem is gone and Anti-malware starts. But there is a new problem now, i can scan the computer but i can´t activate the second and third options in the menu I don´t use the program in english but it should be something like Behavioural Analysis and Surf Protection. They are red as inactive and i can´t change it to active.
  3. I bought a license yesterday after using the trial version for a while. Today the program fails to start, there is a message displayed "a2framework.dll is missing" and that i should download the newest version on emsisoft.com I downloaded todays new version, deinstalled the old version and installed the new version. Nothing changed, the message is the same and the program doesn´t start. If i search my computer i can find this "missing" dll in the emsisoft folder. It is there. What should i do now ? Thanks for your help, Damian
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