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  1. I retested and now version is online. Downloaded and installed: all OK now. Thank you.
  2. Today a new version is displayed, but after downloading it is still version
  3. So I did it with the new key in the registry, and I got a lot of info. I saved after pressing the Ok button on the missing DLL message box. The log is zipped as it has a size of 220kbytes. Hope it helps.
  4. Unfortunately the DebugView doesn't display anything when installing Anti-Malware and when the message is displayed. I get only an empty logfile.
  5. Same value here (after trying to install Antimalware I use XP SP3 up to date.
  6. I have the same problem with my software v6.0.0.46 I installed end november. I downloaded the new version 6.0.051 and have always the same message about the missing DLL (the DLL is present). For the moment the software is unusable.
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