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  1. Hello! Upon Downloading A-Squared Free, I immediately ran a Quick-Scan, whereupon A-Squared detected about 200 threats (mostly Low or Medium); I selected these and Clicked "Quarantine"; For about 40 of these Threats, a dialog popped up informing me "Can Not Delete . . .". I assumed (yes, I know: dumb) that since I did not, at that moment, have the opportunity to record all those threat names-&-locations, I would simply Later Re-Run Quick-Scan to record those Can-Not-Delete Items so that I could (e.g.) submit them to this Forum. BUT!, when I later Re-Ran the Quick-Scan, the Scan found Zero Detections; I know that the reason for its finding Zero was _NOT_ because those threats were Not still on my system because I happened to remember a couple of the Threat Names (eg: "AdBuster") which I located in my Registry. How can I recover the list of the 40 Can-Not-Delete Threats that A-Squared originally discovered on my System? Thank you very much for your assistance! Chuck C.
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