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  1. hi i can not get emsisoft internet security to update. it will update one time after installation after that it can not connect to the update server. i had uninstalled it & reinstalled it & it work for a day or so.. now it is not working right so i went to uninstall it again but it wont uninstall now. it brought up this message "c:\ program files ( x86) emsisoft internet security\unins000.msg is missing. please correct this or obtain a new copy. i tried to install it again & it would not let me because it was installed how do i get this fixed? i am using windows vista 64 sp2 update log attached
  2. i am down sick will try to get this done by the first of next week i will sent you a reply when done thanks
  3. it still has the problem with putting the monitor to sleep, other than that it is ok. i think i will have to reinstall windows to get it to work again. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR TIME & YOUR EXPERTISE!!!!
  4. i have tried running the file twice & it wont work. it puts info in the log window of the avz,(it is in red)it is greyed out so i can just see that it is there. thanks for telling that i still have malware, & thanks for all of your help with this. let me know what you want to try next.
  5. i have no problems with the instructions. it just wont work with the fix you sent. when i click run it puts a lot of info in the log window, it is in red! if i try to scroll up to read the first line the program locks up. i think the first line is something about a script error. i have tried copying & pasting the file, & i have used the load button to go find the file & load it. i get the same thing each way. after doing all of this computer went black screen & lock up. rebooted & it said windows was damaged & went into repair mode. it repaired itself. i have not tried to run it again. do you think the malware is still on the computer? if it is gone then what are we doing (trying to repair any damage by the malware). please let me know if you think it is gone thanks for your time & all of your help
  6. it worked this time , it run then did a reboot. i saved the log & i am attaching it. it is empty. i have tried to attach the empty file but it wont attach a empty file.[]
  7. i tried the new fix it wont work. i get this error ( script error 'BEGIN' expected at position 1:1 ) thanks for your time what shall we try next?
  8. iam pasting the file after it is opened up. it has 11 lines of info in it. after it is pasted in the box i click on the run button. it locks up after this. i have to use task manager to get out of the program. hope this helps.
  9. when i paste the file in the box avz locks up! i have tried it 3 times, it wont work. i saved the log from avz but it was empty, because it did not run ( i think) the computer monitor will not go to sleep most of the time. the screen saver works ok. if i put the computer to sleep it won't wake up i have to reboot to get it wake up thanks for your time.
  10. the avz4 locked up on me had to run it a secong time, here is the log THANKS FOR THE HELP
  11. here is the log from otl if i let the computer go to sleep i can not wake it up with the mouse, if i use the power button on the computer it will wake up the computer, but there will be no video signal to the monitor. if i reboot the computer it all works ok. thanks for your help