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  1. UPDATE -- NVM - It took a while but auto-renewal was cancelled.

    Hello :-)

    My current license expires tomorrow. The payment card that I used for  my current license has expired.

    I have tried to stop auto renewal via my Cloud Console but I have not been able to cancel.

    I have been down this road before. An expired card on file and repeated attempts by the merchant to charge, in that case for a monthly subscription that I had believed I had canceled. This caused a lot of headaches for me with the issuing bank -- repeated fraud warnings, a hold on my then actual current card. It was a real mess.


  2. OOPS  Sorry this is an old story from March, 2019 that was re-posted on Today's BBC News Website


    "Hated and hunted

    The perilous life of the computer virus cracker making powerful enemies online...

    ...He’s a man who has devoted himself, at huge personal cost, to helping victims of ransomware around the world. A man who guards his privacy dearly to protect himself, because for every message of gratitude he receives, almost as many messages of abuse come at him from the cyber criminals who hate him.

    In fact, they hate him so much that they leave him angry threats buried deep inside the code of their own viruses..."



  3. While Fabian's explanation makes a lot of sense (as always) --  here's the thing:

    The timing of this decision to suspend participation in AV-C testing is far from ideal -- in fact, it could not have come at a worse time.

    It is no secret that compared to its stellar performance over time in the AV-C RW Tests, in the past 2-3 RW Tests, EAM's results, while good, have not been up to the stratospheric levels of prior results.

    We were told that these subpar results were caused by some bugs in a new driver.

    I, for one, would have liked to have seen that these bugs had been eradicated as demonstrated by an AV-C RW Test in which EAM's performance was in-line with it's historical top-of-the-charts results.


  4. 6 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    There should be a link in the confirmation e-mail that allows you to opt-out. If you are unable to find it for any reason, send an e-mail to sales@emsisoft.com and a member of our sales team should be able to assist you.

    KK -- Thanks GT500 :-)

  5. 10 hours ago, cuishaobo said:

    According to several reports, the latest Windows 10 Update pushed on Jan. 3rd is supposed to address the "Meltdown" security problem. However, due to changes to Windows kernel, Microsoft didn't make the update available to users without the "ALLOW REGKEY", and directed users to confirm with AV vendors if their products are compatible with the latest update. So is the current version of EAM compatible with this update?


    As per the following it appears that the current version of EAM has not yet been updated to accept The WIn 10 Meltdown Update.

    "...If users aren't willing to search their antivirus product's homepage for such info, if they find the following registry key on their systems, the antivirus product has already been updated to support the Meltdown and Spectre patches.

    Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\QualityCompat" Value="cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc" Type="REG_DWORD”


  6. "Firefox is getting a Tor-based security upgrade...

    The non-profit Mozilla Foundation will remove a “feature” called canvas fingerprinting from Firefox, which allows user-tracking across multiple sites without cookies, in it’s upcoming build. It’ll do this by imitating Tor browser, which was built on modified Firefox code and already blocks tracking...

    Canvas fingerprinting, which happens in every major browser, lets websites extrapolate your data — without asking permission — by tracking you across multiple sites with an amalgam of unique identifiers. This method doesn’t require you to carry any tokens or accept a cookie.

    This is great for advertisers and websites, but anyone opposed to having their data commoditized without being asked first may take exception..."



  7. 1 hour ago, GT500 said:

    We use Google Analytics, but there's also Facebook and other social networking stuff on the blog (which may set of anti-tracking/anti-fingerprinting protections). Any usage of information fathered by these companies would be subject to their privacy policies.

    Note that I have Fanboy's Ultimate blocklist (a merger of EasyList and a couple of Fanboy's more aggressive blocklists) configured in uBlock Origin in place of the default EasyList, and this blocks most of this sort of stuff. You can see it all in uBlock Origin's logs when it blocks it.


    I would believe the analytics company would generally consider themselves the "owner" of the collected data, but they all have policies that dictate how they use that data.


    You do realize that every time you visit a website, tons of information (IP address, web browser, Operating System, referring page, etc) is saved in the HTTP server's logs, and there's nothing that can block that, right?

    Anyway, "browser fingerprint" is just a fancy name for certain types of data that gets saved. Anything that can be used to identify a specific web browser (and theoretically a specific user) can be considered a "browser fingerprint", and since it's all data collected during normal "tracking" then any good anti-tracking extension would block it. Mozilla has a decent wiki entry on the kind of data that can be used for fingerprinting here.

    Whatever :blink:

    Thanks @GT500 for taking the time to give an upfront and thorough reply.


  8. 1 hour ago, soilentgreen said:

    For years I used Online Armor and EIS, and now after Emsisoft decided  to stop develop firewall, we all need to trust windows.

    I use ShutUp and block all in "Windows Defender and Microsoft SpyNet" so Windows Defender is off. When I re-installed EAM the Windows FireWall turned on.

    The Windows Defender include the firewall with it, so I like to be sure that the firewall will work fine even if the Windows Defender is off.

    I'll appreciate if someone can guide me how can I test the windows firewall with EAM.

    Thank you.

    Hello @soilentgreen :)


    With EAM installed:

    Left-Click Start > Settings > Update and Security > "Windows Defender" (in left-side column) > Click On "Turn On Windows Defender Antivirus > "Firewall & Protection" should say "no action needed"


    Right-Click Start Button > "Search" > "Contol Panel" > "System and Security" > "Windows Defender Firewall"


    [Handy to right-click on Control Panel and Pin to Task Bar if you like the old-style Win Control Panel.]


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  9. 40 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    It's probably the analytics we use to get an idea of what pages on our websites people visit and how they found them. Most analytics services like that are considered "tracking" services, since the data they collect can be used for that, even though most people using data like that aren't concerned with tracking individual users and are more concerned with how people found their pages and why so that they can make their sites more accessible and more relevant.

    K, thanks @GT500, but not sure I understand.

    Emsisoft uses a third-party analytic service to help it determine what pages on its website people visit and how they found them ?

    If the above is correct, does Emsisoft's agreement with such 3rd-party place any restriction on what that 3rd-party can do with the data it collects?

    Who "owns" the data collected by the third-party analytics firm ??

    The thing is browser fingerprinting is an underhanded practice cuz most, while they may use anti-tracking extensions, do not use anti-fingerprinting extensions and are thus unaware of and not protected against the deployment of browser fingerprinting. In addition, it's permanent -- it can't be defeated or remediated by cleaning cache and cookies etc. IMHO, it's a bad idea for a company who otherwise, to its credit, is so centered on/protective of customer privacy.

  10. 1 hour ago, XIII said:

    Updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709).

    The "Virus & threat protection" part of the Windows Defender Security Center does recognize EAM as an installed antivirus provider, but the status is unavailable... (it informs me to open EAM for more information)

    Is this the way it is supposed to work?

    EAM does show as "on" in the Control Panel App  ("search" > "Control Panel")

  11. 1 hour ago, cubis12321 said:

    So my EIS license expired at the end of the last month, right before the conversion to EAM. I didn't renew it then cause I wanted to try out other AV's. Didn't really find anything better, so I wanted to get back to Emsi but I can't find a way to renew the license. The renewal page no longer takes EIS keys. Does this mean I lose the loyalty discount or is there a way around it?

    The accumlated EIS loyalty years are intended to be applicable to new EAM licenses of Pre-Oct 2 EIS license holders.

    Did you try to renew by "Renewing an EAM License" and entering your license code?

    If that does not work looks like cuz of your circumstances might have to submit a CS ticket.


  12. Just now, Thomas Ott said:

    Hello HAWKI,

    Thank you for contacting our support.

    Yes, the resulting Emsisoft Anti-Malware key will have the same rebate level which the Emsisoft Internet Security key already had.

    Thank you for using our software solutions, should you have any further questions please just let us know.


    Thanks Thomas Ott :-)

  13. I'm curious (a mental state known to kill cats and other things).

    I just received the latest Emsisoft Newsletter -- Not a word about the major upcoming change to/obliteration of EMIS.

    Are you guys gonna try to send out some kind of notification to your EMIS customer base or just wait and let currently uniformed customers update their EMIS on D-Day and see their EMIS firewalls disappear? "SURPRIZZZE!!! Heh-Heh."

    Just Ask'n

  14. 1 hour ago, Peter2150 said:

    Yeah I read that also...

    Hi Peter2150

    Not surprised to hear that :-)

    Thanks for the info.

    After the "conflicting" modules were turned off, did you still have the same alert/block/block once/allow control over all outgoing connections by "Unknown programs"  that you had with EMIS ?

    Did you have to pre-whitelist ?

    Have you tried the free firewall? Wondering if what you wound up with after the modules were turned off was ZA Free FW.

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