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  1. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/free-firewall-evorim.385439/
  2. At the risk of asking a "duh" question, I'll ask: Will the outgoing connection rules set using EMIS have any effect after the changeover to EAM? Say I have blocked outgoing connections for Microsoft Photos in EMIS. I may in the future want to allow such connection. Do I need to change the rule I have set in EMIS before the changeoever to EAM to allow that connection in the future?
  3. Come and listen: "...New Coke was the unofficial name for the reformulation of Coca-Cola introduced in April 1985 by the Coca-Cola Company to replace the original formula of its flagship soft drink, Coca-Cola (also called Coke).... However, the American public's reaction to the change was negative, even hostile, and the new cola was a major failure. The subsequent, rapid reintroduction of Coke's original formula, rebranded "Coca-Cola Classic" and put back into market within three months of New Coke's debut, resulted in a significant gain in sales..." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Coke
  4. Can Windows Firewall be configured to block/ask for outgoing connections by unknown/not-digitally-signed programs/apps?
  5. Will new EAM behavior blocker give an option to ask for permission when an outgoing connection is to be made to a "privacy-risk" destination like EMIS does now ?
  6. Warning: Thread HiJack This is always been a bone of contention on Wilders in AV-Comparatives Test Result threads. There are always the naysayers:"Hey yez, but others did just as well with similar FPs without User Interventions Yoh." The question boils down to "What is it about EMIS/EMAM that causes it to operate this way?" Is it merely a "fail-safe" for avoiding FPs or something more fundamental in the structure/operation/design/philosophy of EMIS/EMAM ??
  7. FWIW: HMPA Released Version and WIN 1067 64X play nicely with EMIS. EMIS Behavior Blocker appears to be working fine. I know of others, erudite on security, who are also using HMPA with EMAM. Edit: oOps -- I didn't realize the subject was EMIS BETA when I posted. Sorry
  8. Right -- I meant to say that you can only turn off anti-ransomware by going to the Behaior Blocking setting and turning that off - a difference w/o a difference. Just a question of symentecs -- oOoPs -- symantics.
  9. Got It GT :-) Thanks for the clarification. Confusion was seeded by the original notice that referred to a "projection layer" as opposed to a "protection layer." The latest email I got refers now to a "protection layer." Whatever you call it and wherever you guys put it, I'm just happy that it's there :-) Also good to know that it can be turned off -- so that I won't do that by accident. HAWKI has lots of accidents. BUT -- I don't see how you "turn off ransomware protection." I know how to NOT turn off the behavior blocker, but I do not see a method of turning off ransomware protection other than by turning off the behavior blocker.
  10. I was/am confused about this. Is this just a change to the GUI meant to highlight EMIS's already excellent behavior blocker's outstanding ability to effectively block ransomeware? Or is the change something more? I can understand if it is a marketing strategy. I'm sure Emsisoft is sick and tired of other security products boasting about their anti-ransomware components, when in fact, EMIS/EAM have one of, if not the best, ransomware blocking capabilites available in an an anti-malware program or security suite. A little "blowing your own horn" and merited self-recognition, if that is what it is, is fine by me :-)
  11. Noooo !! This HAWKI would not be so damn stoopid as that guy hawki :-)
  12. In response to a similar question by HAWKI, GT 500 basically said: Both use WFP drivers, and it could cause problems when more than one application is filtering network traffic with a WFP driver at the same time. It's a difference in opinion in regards to the quirkiness/reliability of the WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) API. It is, like many Microsoft API's, somewhat buggy. What's worse is that it can work differently on different versions of Windows, and the differences are not always documented, which means the differences sometimes have to be found by trial-and-error. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26912-im-going-to-buy-it-but/#comment-167951
  13. Well Done ! * Shutting-down and restarting with fast-start enabled now. Thank You Emsisoft Support :-) * HAWKI likes his steaks medium-rare, but prefers his software's security fixes well-done.
  14. Can I switch to the Beta Update just to get the "shut down fix" and then switch back to released updates? Or won't that mixing work well ? Any idea yet when the beta fix will be released ?
  15. Hello Albertokev :-) I am using Adguard with EMIS and have not had any problems that I know about. What problems are you having with the EMIS Firewall ?
  16. Hi stapp :-) I did have "fast startup" enabled. Disabling "fast startup" eliminates the issue. I have tested it several times. Thanks for your suggestion.
  17. My issue is worse today than yesterday. Previously after a WIN 10 Shutdown my keyboard backlighting tuned off but my PC did not. Today my keyboard backlighting is not turning off, nor is my PC. Logs Sent
  18. I did have the following experience this AM: I uninstalled Cybereason Ransomfree, which I have had on PC for months (don't ask me why :-). My PC shut down properly. But that was a one-off event. On a second shut down my PC failed to shut down. I reininstalled and uninstalled Ransomfree again but this did not solve the issue on any later shutdown. Ransomfree is no longer on my PC and the issue remains unresolved.