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  1. I am having the same issue: Windows shuts down and monitor fades to black; keyboard backlighting turns off, BUT my PC remains on. Need to power down with the On/Off button on my PC. I had originally attributed this to an update of HitmanPro Alert as this behavior, which never has ocurred before, started around the same time as that HMPA update and I do not always shut off my PC, so pinpointing the date is not precise. The thought that this was being caused by EMIS never crossed my mind. But this issue did start around the same time as the other two posted reports here. For me it's no big deal, so I have not experimented to see if uninstalling HMPA resolves the issue, but I have seen no reports of this issue on Wilders, that has a very active HMPA Thread. When I find the time I will uninstall HMPA and if that is not the cause will try to send the appropriate logs per the above instructions. NB: Like the OP I also have HMPA and Zemana installed. Perhaps it's this particular combo along with EMIS that is the cause. WIN 1067 64X
  2. "Our research team has uncovered a new Zero-Day attack for taking full control over major antiviruses and next-generation antiviruses. Instead of hiding and running away from the antivirus, attackers can now directly assault and hijack control over the antivirus. The attack begins when the attacker injects code into the antivirus by exploiting a new Zero-Day vulnerability. Once inside, the attacker can fully control the antivirus. We named this attack DoubleAgent, as it turns your antivirus security agent into a malicious agent, giving an illusion that the antivirus protects you while actually it is abused in order to attack you. DoubleAgent exploits a 15 year old vulnerability which works on all versions of Microsoft Windows, starting from Windows XP right up to the latest release of Windows 10. The sad, but plain fact is that the vulnerability is yet to be patched by most of the antivirus vendors and could be used in the wild to attack almost any organization that uses an antivirus..." https://cybellum.com/doubleagent-taking-full-control-antivirus/ Edit Update: OoOps: Also posted here, Sorry:
  3. To check: From the top menu under "STORE" on the drop-down menu click "Renew License" ; Select your product; click on "Show Renewal Options. Hope this helps :-)
  4. "Most Major Antivirus Programs Bypassed By The CIA, Shows WikiLeaks Document WikiLeaks recently published thousands of documents that the organization said belongs to the CIA. Among them, there was a document that showed a list of antivirus and other security products that have been exploited and bypassed by the CIA...." Emsisoft is not among the 21 security vendors on the list of security vendors whose products have been exploited and bypassed by the CIA. :-) http://www.tomshardware.com/news/antivirus-programs-bypassed-cia-wikileaks,33845.html
  5. Hi :-) I do not know if the same applies to MBAM 3, BUT I distinctly recall Fabian W., stating on Wilders or in this forum, that MBAM 2 is not compatible with EMIS. It had something to do with the way it installs , hooks, API, or something like that. Fabian's statement was disputed by the MBAM developer and I do not recall a reply by Fabian to MBAM's statement. I'll take Fabian's word on that (and anything else he says about Security) and would never install MBAM on my PC while I have EMIS installed. FWIW: I have run HitManPro Alert and Watchdog (U.S. reseller, rebranded Zemana) Anti-Malware real-time alongside EMIS with no apparent conflicts.
  6. Hi GT500 :-) It's been a recurrent issue, even after a rollback of my driver updates, that never occurred previously. But I learned something new today -- how to customize the icons in the taskbar in WIN10 AU. Unlike WIN 7 the "Customize" name does not appear in WIN 10AU. Unlike Win 10 (pre-AU) one is no longer able to open a dialogue box that lists all the available icons and select which to show by putting a checkmark next to the desired icon. In WIN 10 AU one does this by simply "dragging" the icon from the not labeled "customize" pop-up to the tray :-) doh.
  7. HI :-) On start-up this morning the EMIS tray icon was missing. It was in the click-on area that used to be the tray icon customiozation area. On a restart the EMIS icon remained only in the former customization area BUT EMIS was NOT on and the icon was totally non-responsive. After a clean reinstall EMIS starts but the icon remains in the Customization Area. I did update three drivers last night (nvidia GPU, Realtek sound card, an Intel Management driver) but immediately after those updates EMIS was well behaved. Dunno if an EMIS Update this AM did anything to cause this. Will rollback (system restore) to prior to my driver updates and see if that helps. You'all will be the first to know if this works.
  8. Connecting with the CM600 through a router now and all ports are stealthed again :-)
  9. I have had to go back to the Netgear CM600. The non-stealthed port problem has returned. I do not get why the type of modem I am using effects the stealthing of ports. 5 of 1055 ports are stealthed. All are blocked. Can someone please explain this anomoly to me and is there a fix for it??
  10. Dunno why, but it appears to have been the Netgear CM600 cable modum that was the cause. Reconnected with my Netgear 6300 Gateway and all my ports are stealthed again :-) Weird.
  11. Netgear CM600 Cable Modem -- Ethernet connection at the moment. It's set as a "private network" using the Windows default setting.
  12. Clean reinstall did nothing to resolve the issue :-(
  13. I have 1050 blocked but non-stealthed ports ????? aka Only 5 of my ports are stealthed. This is something new on my PC. Windows Firewall stealths them all. WTF ?
  14. "...researchers have discovered that the ongoing spam campaign is also using boobytrapped .JPG image files in order to download and infect users with the Locky Ransomware via Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking platforms..." http://thehackernews.com/2016/11/facebook-locky-ransomware.html Likely EMIS's excellent Behavior Blocker would catch such when it activated to do it's dirty work, but shows the wisdom in scanning pics of all formats, particulalrly if any came from a source other than your camera. The current episode is likely just the beginning of exploitation of this new attack vector. NB: Gratifying to see that Mr. Wilkinson is a fellow gamer, assuming sceen shot is from his PC :-) HAWKI, Citizen of Republic of Gamers
  15. Can't open the PNG file here, but saw your post and pic at Wilders -- looks like you have "Game Mode" enabled.
  16. Thank You Jeremy :-) I guess that and stapp's post explains it all. Damn I hate uninstalling Bitdefender Products with their removal tool. It takes forever cuz you can not select which product to uninstall, so you have to sit and wait while the tool loads and goes through the uninstall routine for every Bit Defender Product, and there are a lot. Looking forward to having EMIS back protecting my PC. :-)
  17. Thanks stapp :-) Read it. Shall I assume then that running "services" is actually or similar to running "services.exe" ? Or is there actually no such valid function as running "services" which might explain the garbled error message and error code? If so, I would feel good about EMIS again :-)
  18. Jeremy :-) The message is not misleading -- it's obcure. It is indicating a possible problem, but what the stated error is, is confused because the explanation of the error does not match the error code. Thus, it is possible that the message is a FP caused by a line of Schizophrenic code in Windows and not EMIS. Whatever it is, I don't feel comfy with it and it merits investigation.
  19. Thanks stapp :-) Dunno if that's good or bad news :-( HAWKI
  20. Thanks GT :-) I have done a clean reinstall with Emsiclean, but will try again. I have never seen the error message triggered during normal PC activity. It only appears when I run/services, which I was doing trying to figure out why my system restore got borked. Checking to see if vss was working (the correct way is to search "services"), but I wanted to cover all the bases. If I had not done that I never would have suspected there may be an issue. Please try to replicate it on a Win 1067 64X system: right click the Windows Start Button>select Run>enter "serevices." That will tell us if it's an EMIS problem or a problem specific to my PC config. I would appreciate it if someone else would try it. I consider all other security suites inferior to EMIS, particulalrly cuz of it's behavior blocker, firewall, and consistent 100% detection rates in AV Comparatives RW Tests. Recently, I have seen the EMIS 12 behavior blocker block the latest Locky ransomeware variant - Odin ransomeware a few days after it's release into the wild. Most others fail on that. But this error on my system has me seriously spooked. ATM, as a placeholder, I'm using a trial of BD IS 2017 , which surprisingly sucks in blocking ransomeware, though it does protect certain files from encryption by some ransomeware. (I do not get any error warming when I run/services with BD on my PC. ) The Norton Security Forum is loaded with users asking for help in removing ransomeware and PUPs-mostly browser adware hijackers, and NS's removal, rather than quarantine,of what it perceives as a bad file w/o asking the user. KIS is excellent, but has a nasty habit of causing critical, deal-breaking issues on many user's PCs, including mine. McAfee is just OK on detction and has a tissue paper firewall. The latest Vipre IS Pro is excellent at detection, but it too sux on ransomeware and also suffers from a seriously deficient firewall. I am lost in the wilderness of crap security suites atm cuz I will not use EMIS until I am satisfied that my error is not affecting the effectiveness of EMIS 12 on my system. I will try all your suggestions. Thanks again for your info and suggestions, HAWKI
  21. Yes Jeremy: This is weird. The proper Error Code for "xxxx.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. Try installimg the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support." is Error status 0xc000012f. I should add that I have done Win System File Check and I have no corrupted Windows files. I really would like a better explanation/reassurance before I have to jump ship to a lesser security suite
  22. Thank You GT, BUT that is not reassuring. "Emsisoft Internet Security\a2hooks64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. Try installimg the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error Status Oxc0000428." Why can't Emsisoft meet the Microsoft Guidlines on signatures and approval/authority, or have as high a level as any other program?? "The only time you need to be concerned is when the Behavior Blocker isn't working." Oh, is that all ?!?! How does a user determine that? After he/she has an infected PC?? This is a peresistent error on my PC. Maybe it's just my system/configuration. Perhaps there is a conflict with HitmanPro Alert that also hooks. But if that's the case, why doesn't EMIS have as high a level of authority as HMPA? HMPA was installed on my PC long after EMIS. Test it. "Run/services" on your WIN 10 AU PC and see. Will cyber-criminals exploit this potential failure on EMIS 12 user's PC's in targeted attacks ? I was hoping for a more reassuring response. My license expires this week and I was waiting for a more postive response before renewing for a third year. I am deeply disappointed by this explanation. Hopefully I have not fully understood the explanation provided, but as of this time, I have lost my former high level of confidence in Emsisoft IS. I feel like I have lost a trusted friend. It has been painful for me to have had to write this post. Respectfully, HAWKI
  23. Thanks :-) Tried it but it didn't work for me. What about the EMIS 12 error: "C\Program Files\Emsisoft Internet Security\a2hooks64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error...Error Status Oxc0000428." ???
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