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  1. My System Restore stopped working so I was checking services to make certain my Volume Shadow Copy Service was running, which it was. error code is (0X81000203) In the course of checking running services by searching for "services" I also did a run/services. When I did that I got an error message referencing EMIS 12. "C\Program Files\Emsisoft Internet Security\a2hooks64.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or contains an error...Error Status Oxc0000428." I uninstalled and reinstalled EMIS 12 but got the same error alert. Also, anyone have a suggestion on how to restore my System Restore? Win 1067 64X OS
  2. NVM -- had success with emsiclean :-)
  3. For a variety of reasons I wanted to do a clean re-install of EMIS 12. I WAS NOT ABLE TO UNINSTALL EMIS 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get the Windows error message "file C:\Program Files\Emisoft Internet Security\unins000.msg is missing." Obviously, I could not fix the problem by reinstalling EMIS 12 over the current install because EMIS won't do that. How do I fix this totally unacceptable issue?? I have no clue how/why that file went missing; no other program removed it; I do not clean my registry;NADA. I upgraded from EMIS 11 to EMIS 12 via Update. If I decide to renew my license for a third year next week, I would like it to be by my free will -- not because I have no other option. [ If Emsisoft used Avangate as it's sales agent, like Bitdefender, I would say this was a typical Avangate style of an illegal renewal marketing strategy :-) ]
  4. Driver Booster is very good at downloading the original publisher's driver. IOBIT also tests all drivers before placing them into it's data base. Despite it's overly aggressive/annoying/sneaky sales tactics and it's well-deserved bad reputation after alledgedly stealing Malwarebyte's anti-virus definitions several years ago, IOBIT does make a reliable driver updater.
  5. I did a system restore to a poiont two days befor the problem appeared and the issues is gone :-) Clear to me that the issue was not caused by EMIS but something else that was behaving badly on my system. [something like IOBIT Anti Malware Free that was installed on my system without my knowledge or permission when I upgraded IOBIT Driver Booster from VB 3 to 4. doh. I did nearly immediately uninstall it, but I suspect the problem was caused by it's intallation.operation, or uninstall. All is good now "-)
  6. Hi :-) The EMIS 12 tray icon is not showing on my PC.. When I went to my PC today there was a message saying that both EMIS and WD were both turned off. I looked and saw no tray icon but the service was running. On a restart, the tray icon is still not showing, but the a2service.exe is running. I have had to resort to using the taskbar customization to pin the EMIS icon to my taskbar. This will open the interface but not all the right click options are available, such as "update now." It also will not indicate if EMIS is running or inGame Mode. I have to click on it to open the GUI to see that or use Task Manager,a process utility, or the Windows Control Panel. This error is not immediately related to the latest Windows 1067 Update as it did not appear until long after that update and a couple of restarts after uninstalling a couple of programs. I had earlier reported in the "Windows Reporting EIS Turned Off" thread that: "I am getting a mini version of this issue. Sporadically from time to time I get a Windows Pop-Up Warning that I have no AV and no firewall. This coincides with the EMIS 12 tray icon disappearing. This only lasts for a few seconds, but it is unnerving not knowing if somehow malware was able to disable EMIS long enough to enter my system. There is no identifiable patteren to these instances and they do not coincide with updates. They are, however, few and far between." This new issue is different -- it's persistent and unacceptable.
  7. I am getting a mini version of this issue. Sporadically from time to time I get a Windows Pop-Up Warning that I have no AV and no firewall. This coincides with the EMIS 12 tray icon disappearing. This only lasts for a few seconds, but it is unnerving not knowing if somehow malware was able to disable EMIS long enough to enter my system. There is no identifiable patteren to these instances and they do not coincide with updates. They are, however, few and far between.
  8. LOL "-) Took me by surprise. Before I knew what it was I really hated it cuz I found it distracting. At first I thought it may have been a warning that my license expires in less than a month. But OK since I'll almost never see it -- turning GM on and going full-screen. :-) Really enjoying everything new in v. 12 -- visible and under the hood -- great job! Thanks to all who worked on it.
  9. nvm. I get it. It's a "game mode" indicator.
  10. Nothing. The Update failed to initialize. No error messages appeared nor any no "no module updates" appered in my log for 19 hours. Dunno what happened. It's fine now after the restart yesterday.
  11. Log shows no unsuccessful attempts, no "no modules to download" no errors. NADA.. Manual Update also fails. GUI says "Software is up-to-date." NVM: A RESTART FIXED THE ISSUE at least for the moment.
  12. Hmmmm.... I didn't even know there was a game mode. Wondering what caused the process to freeze.
  13. Hi :-) The Update Logs show no attempts or failed attempts. It happened one more time after my OP, but that last one coincided with a problem with my "rock solid" (LOL) internet connection which dropped my download speed from 120m Mbps to 2-5 Mbps with a similar drop in upload speeds so that one may be due to my attempt to connect with the server timing out. (That problem was so bad my ISP couldn't even detect my modem). Would the log indicate that? I guess there is a possibility that my connnectivity problem started on the 12th, but I don't think so since the problem staring on 13th was very obvious, though it might have been a gradual deterioration. Here are three consecutive lines from my log (times omitted) Because of the times of the updates the second failure did not trigger a two day warning. Auto Update ------ 8/14/16 Manual Update -- 8/12/16 Auto Update -------8/9/16 Thinking maybe to just chalk this one up to my connectivity issue.
  14. Thanks Peter :-) My updates have been and are "spot on" also, with this one exception. I assume it was just "one of those things" one-offs. I am not at all concerned about it. EMIS has been so consistently reliable, I was shocked and I was just curious WTF caused it . I follow security forums, as well as the forums of several different security program publishers, e.g., KIS, Norton Security, BitDefender, and I know that EMIS has been in a class by itself in many ways, including reliability and freedom from issues, or causing problems or conflicts. That's why I was so surprised. "It was just one of those things Just one of those crazy flings One of those bells that now and then rings Just one of those things" Cole Porter, 1935
  15. HI :-) A few minutes ago my EMIS Icon turned red. Opened the GUI and it said I had not updated my signatures in 2 days and an unusually large download started. I can assure you that the issue was not caused by my rock-solid internet connection, as I am online 16 hours a day and I do not turn my PC off ever. Has never happened in the two years I have been using EMIS. I have my updates scheduled to update every 30 minutes. I am on East Coast USA. Any explanation?
  16. Thanks Fabian. Doh. I thought that a grayed-out "On" setting in Windows Defender meant that the setting was locked "On". Prior to converting to EMIS, I used Norton Security. In the NS GUI a grayed-out setting meant that the setting was locked. Best Regards, HAWKI
  17. Hello Fabian :-) On Wilders there is a post in which you stated: "(Question you are replying to ) Running Windows 10 AU. Is it OK to run Windows Defender along with EIS?" (Your Reply) "It is actually impossible to run more than 1 active AV on Windows 10 AU if the application adhere to the Microsoft guidelines, which is what we do. Any attempt to enable Windows Defender will automatically turn EAM off and vice versa." This is causing some confusion, at least for me. I don't get it. You can't enable Windows Defender in AU because it is persistent, i.e., it's on from the start and it can't be tuned off (except for Periodic Scanning). I am currently running EMIS 11 and it is active, as is Zemana (Watchdog) Antimalware (real time). If so, that Microsoft was forcing peeps to rely soley on Windows Defender, this would seem both implausible and dangerous: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/MRG-Effitas-360-Assessment-Q1-2016.pdf Respectfully, HAWKI
  18. Thanks Tester. I will have to remember to check on it.
  19. I had it set to start at start up. Dunno. Maybe somehow that got changed. In any event a clean reinstall has solved the issue and it has survived one reboot. Hope it stays that way :-) Nice that the EMIS uninstall, install is so simple and fast :-) The uninstall is not totally clean. It leaves at least the Quarantine which IMHO is intended and is a very good feature (Unless some very clever malware writer designs a script that initially wants to be detected and quarantined and which can detect that action which triggers it to somehow worm it's way out of a quarantine and reconfigure itself after the escape. Dunno if that is possible.)
  20. EMIS 11 is running BUT I can not get the tray icon to show??? Have rebooted several times with same result. It is set to show icon and notifications. Was showing fine last night even after some rebooting. Dunno what happened. UPDATE: Same after several reboots.........Aw Nutz !! Gonna have to reinstall :-(
  21. Luckily the update for 8.1 is not a security update. It only updates the "Get Windows 10" thingy. No Thank You. Attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 on first day. Like so many others my upgrade got stuck. After staring at a totally black screen for four hours I decided to do a hard reboot. Most peeps who did this, their PCs reverted to 8.1. Not mine :-( Totally borked my PC. Could not boot. Appeared to be 100% irreparable. Seemed like The Upgrade wiped everything and only partially installed W 10. Refresh and Reset asked for insertion of installation disc. Couldn't even install 8.1 with a retail box set since my DVD would not work (I suspect it had no driver). Was unable to boot from a my 8.1 USB Recovery Drive. I am disabled and require a PC to survive. Ordered a new one shipped overnight by Amazon, an ACER. Swore I'd never try to upgrade again but I did. Upgraded to W10 in about an hour. The W10 Recovery USB Drive I made on the ACER recovered my borked ASUS. But It was a hybrid - part ASUS, part ACER. Was able to restore most of the ASUS stuff. My ASUS is still fast as ever. Never will upgrade this ASUS to W10 I guarantee you.
  22. EMIS 10 = TOTAL FAIL ON WINDOWS 8.1 UPDATE NO WORKAROUND ON W 8.1 1.) Turn on Windows Firewall 2.) Turn off EMIS Firewall 3.) Shut Down Malwarebytes Anti Exploit 4.) Shut Down All Exploit Protections in HitmanPro Alert WINDOWS UPDATE FAILURE. NEED IMMEDIATE FIX PLEASE. HAWKI's suggested extreme workaround: 1.) Uninstall EMIS 10 2.) Install Trial or subscribed version of another security suite 3.) Update Windows 8.1 4.) Uninstall Trial or subscribed version of another security suite 5.) Re-Install EMIS 10 Not a good situation :-(
  23. Similar issue here. I had strayed and had been using a trial of another product. Reinstalled the latest EMIS very early this AM - 3AM EST. Tonight I have been unable to download the 1 new Important Windows Update for 8.1. Have tried several times. Can see that there is zero incoming traffic. Finally get an error that Windows Update failed. I suppose it is possible that the issue is on the Microsoft side.
  24. Nope :-) But I might have had my license info and settings remaining. I'll check. I will reinstall EMIS 10 at some time.
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