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  1. 1.) In combination with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit most of the time I could not open a browser. MBAE causes the same problem with Kaspersky IS 2016. The two companies are talking to resolve the issue. In my case this happened ALMOST every time. Firefox would not open. Shut down MBAE Firefox opens. It seems to happen only on the first attempt to open Firefox. After disabling MBAE and starting Firefox and then closing Firefox and restarting MBAE Firefox would usually open. Weird. 2.) Could not download Windows Updates. This of course might have been a coincidence-the Windows Update servers not working while I had EMIS10 installed but started working after I uninstalled EMIS. Possible but unlikely I believe. None of this happened until today. Been using EMIS for 10 months and none of this has happened before. If I had not been aware of the MBAE issue from following the Kaspersky and MBAE Forums I would have had no idea why Firefox was not opening.
  2. Thank You Arthur :-) Perhaps you would prefer not to answer, and I would understand, but should I not use MBAE at all with EMIS 10? I have not experienced any freezing issues with the combo, other than uninstall and install. Performance seems good to me. Is there any known way the combo would be self-defeating, i.e., lessen overall protection?
  3. This week I had many problems with uninstalling and reinstalling EMIS 10. I have all ports stealthed except port 22 which is blocked but not stealthed. So I wanted to try another program to see if the issue was being caused by EMIS 10. I tried several other programs and the issue is clearly not being caused by EMIS10. BUT - On several occasions the uninstall would freeze. On other occasions the uninstall would appear to complete but when I tried to reinstall I got an error message that EMIS 10 was already installed but it did not appear on the uninstall list and I cleaned my registry of any EMIS entries. LMAO: I tried a lot of other programs to check on the open port. The last was Kaspersky IS, but I am nervous about the SSL stuff so I uninstalled it to again attempt to reinstall EMIS 10. But it would not install saying it was already installed. I checked the uninstall list and there it was. But I was not seeing an icon. I had unsuccessfully uninstalled it so it would not re-install so many times I actuall forgot to try to uninstall it before installing KIS :-) This time the uninstall and re-install went fine. What I find amusing is that I was able to install KIS while apparently EMIS 10 was "installed." In any event my point is that I had several problematic uninstalls of EMIS 10 (freezes and incomplete uninstalls). Windows 8.1
  4. Hi :-) Sorry I got behind on this thread. Got some serious rare infection and was in the hospital for almost 3-weeks and felt like cr&& for a couple more Currently using a well known and popular security suite I have as much confidence in as using a paper towel umbrella. Right now the network on my PC is "private." Do I have to create a public network in Winows or just change the setting on EMIS 9 to public Network to be stealthed. I know nothing about networks.
  5. Hi Christian :-) Thanks for your follow up, Frankly I got very busy rl and could not find the time to complete the info you asked for . Not sure it makes much diference if a port is blocked or staelthed, though I prefer stealthed. I have temporarily switched to another suite. I may have copies of what you originally asked for. I had been going through them to assure that no personal ID info was in them. lol - I once posted a a link to bitdefender for a deal offerring a free 9 month license. I did not realize it, but the by the link I posted,which I posted on Wilders, made it possible to easily ID my personal email LOL so been very careful since then. If you need it to improve EMIS 10, I'll try to get it to you. Though I do have as much higher degree of confidence in EMIS 9, than the suites I have been using that give me full stealth, they are OK till I get more time or at least till my OS is borked by a major infection, all my personal data is stolen, and I need to get a loan for $500 USD to buy Bitcoins to uncrypt my files :-)
  6. Despite the fact "there is a known issue where some ports are not blocked by EIS, and our developers are looking into the cause," your open ports issue might have nothing to do with EMIS. I went through a period a couple of months ago where I had an open port (can't recall which it was." It had nothing to do with the firewall I was using. I tried several different Security Suites and the port remained open no matter what Suite/Firewall I was using. The port finally closed after having to do a system restore for a totally unrelated reason. Noteworty is that the system restore point I used was created after the port problem started. I still have no clue as to what was causing it. I believe it was a "streaming service " port. I'll try and find which it was as I iasked for help on several sites, probably including this one. Many suggested fixes were offered, but none worked. I have a program that shows what service is using what port at any given time, but it did not report the open port as being in use. Update: It was Port 554 that was open. It's a Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) Port, often used by Windows Media Player.
  7. Thanks Christian for your typical rapid and helpful response :-) I used to us a suite that had a safe browser for making purchases--damn thing never worked and could neVer make a purchase when it was active. Just noticed this comment on a forum of another suite that offers a safepay option. Lots of similar comments complaining how this feature "works" in actual use. LOL I actually have a license to this suite :-) "On my system, all Safepay has ever done is put up a full screen of grey and white shapes. It also turns the mouse pointer into a small blue circle. It will stay that way all day if I let it. CTRL+ALT+DEL and then logging off is one way to get out. I did recently figure out that clicking on alternating mouse buttons does eventually make the white/grey screen go away. Unfortunately, I told my banking site to use it every time (was before I found out Safepay did not work correctly) so I have to fight with Safepay every time I want to bank. I'd love to disable Safepay but from what I've read, you have to open Safepay to get to the settings. Tough to change the settings when all you get is essentially a blank screen." LOL. Seems these sales gimmick features cause a lot more problems than they are worth, if anything.
  8. Hi, although I swore I'd never use on-line banking, my circumstances are forcing me to use it. A couple of other companies have a "safepay" feature for shopping and banking. I had used KIS 2015 for a time and that damn safepay "window" would open and never let me see the page I was on and I could not complete a transaction. But other companies offer this feature. Does EMIS 9 offer protection for online banking to make unnesssary any of these "safe-pay" doo dads???
  9. Such threads are common on other security suite Forms Is someone at Emisoft Doing Something Right :-)
  10. Hi. When I do a Full Scan and the Overview Window Scan Page is open EMSI 9 does not update. I always do such scans at night before sleeping. Thus the Window remains open for 5 hour. When I wake up and look ar the screen it tells me Last Update 5 or somethg hours ago and I run Update Now and there is always one large update and often another. Is EMSI 9 supposed to be able to update while scanning with the Overview Scan Page Open? Or when it finishes the scan but the Overview scan page renains open?
  11. Strage. Maybe that is why I have the blocked not stealhed Port issue. My current network is ID'd by EMIS 9 as being a "private network" - Ethernet-Local Area Connection As far as I know I have not made any changes in Windows Default settings and it was a totally fresh install of Windows 8.1. For any new connections, EMIS says it's set for 'PUBLIC NETWORK" AND TO USE WINDOW'S DEFAULT SETTINGS. During my most recent use of a fresh/virgin/use of Windows 8.1 on a new PC, during set-up, Windows was unable to detect my internet connection - said something about invalid DNS or IP address. It only was able to detect my connection after I reset/restsrted/rebooted my modem. So when I did that did I unknowingly set up a private network?
  12. Sorry Siketa, but not sure. I do believe it was Tapika, I am also sure it was not Topeka or Tapioca.
  13. Thanks for your reply Fabian. Nope, can't send the PUP apps. After doing a system restore they are long gone. They were named Tapika (home page/search engine hi-jacker) and PC Cleaner. I assume both might not be considered to be malicious PUPs, maybe some peeeps like search engines that take them to paid for search results - ads, and while PC Cleaner appeared to be a scam, because of it's self-starting and absurdly high price with an auto renewal, it may in fact be a legitimate program, though it's same function is performed by free version of C C Cleaner.
  14. My Firewall Stealth issue is not resolved-all but a handfull of Ports are blocked, not stealthed. But I do not find this issue to be troubling. Should I be?
  15. The question is why didn't EMIS 9 detcect any part of these two PUPs. I did note that they invaded my system while another security suite was installed. Uninstalled that suite which doesn't detcect PUPs ReInstalled EMIS ( and did a Smart Scan and EMIS 9 failed to detect anyu part of those PUPs. So I wanted to know if EMIS 9 would have blocked those PUPs from entering or remaining on my system if it was installed at the time they were downloaded.
  16. Last week got two PUPs - a Browser/Search Engine Hijacker in Fire Fox named Tapika and Pc Cleaner. Oops, forgot to mention I had another security suite installed when the PUPs entered my system-never again :-) I unistalled that suite, which makes no pretense about blocking or detecting PUPs, with it's removal tool and reinstalled EMIS 9. A Smart scan with EMSI did not detct any part of those PUPs. I have PUP detection enabled with PUPs to be treated as Malware. A secondary scanner "caught them" and claimed to have quarantined them - it also instructed me to reboot to complete the cleaning process. That scanner on restart totally messed up my system - could not get past the page after sign-in password page for over an hour. That page after the sign-in page was black, except for a non funtioning DOS window and a Windows red-bordered warning about not being able to locat some Appp Dara///Roamining /browser.exe. file. After clicking OK in the windows warning the =screen became totally black. On my first restart I saw a black screen with the name of the secondary scanner in top left corner. I doubt it was the PUPs that caused the start up problem cuz those PUPs only benefit from a functioning system. Luckily that secondary scanner had totally failed to eliminate or quarantine either PUP as it said it had. After approx. 20 minutes staring at a black screen PC Cleaner started-and began scanning my system finding 200+ non existant files to be cleaned - clicked on "register" and my firefox browser opened and was fully functional-the tapika hi-jacker also remained on my system, but i was able to get a number for ASUS Support - Nothing else seemed to be working-right click context menu did not work for example Pc Cleaner only wanted my full credit card details so I could pay $79 for an auto renew license to PC Cleaner :-) I'm using a new ASUS PC and did not know how to open the boot menu - no traditional F!2 option appears. I was able to access the bios by pressing F2 or Delete but there appeared to me to be no obvious way to select a boot drive or boot menu. Luckily, after approximately an hour my Windows 8.1 Start screen very slowly materialized, block at a time and I was able to access system restore which was completed successfully. BTW: ASUS Support says ESC key opens the boot menu-haven't tried it so not sure it is accurate. What struck me as totally weird was that even after a full system restore, while Pc Cleaner was totally gone, Tapika still remained in my uninstall list and was the default search engine in Firefox, I was able to eliminate tapika search by Options Menu in FireFox. I have no understanding of the way EMIS deals with PUPs, but while EMSI 9 failed to detect the PUPs on an after the fact scan, it was at least a good doctor: "First Do No Harm." I have a licensed version of the secondary on-demand scanner still installed but am now afraid to use it for anything other than eliminating Tracking Cookies. It not only falled to quarantine the PUPs as it stated it had, it almost lost me my OS.
  17. Some Security Suies start protection the instant your system begins to boot into WIndows, Some give you an option wether-or not to start Real Time protection on start up - I believe that is the question.
  18. Yes, I have the same issue and still owe Christian a copy of my ispconfig/all I found this reply in my thread from Forum Regular very helpful in making that file: "I hope this link from Tech Support will supplement Christian Peters post and help you : How to run an ipconfig /all command? =)" The issue of the value of stealthed vs, blocked ports remains controversial with apparently good arguments on both sides. There are some interesting threads on the DSL Reports Forums in which the subject has been vigorously debated. The consensus appears to be that if you are a home user a merely blocked port is ok, the main "dagner" being from some script-kiddie attempting to plant part of a bot-net on your PC. On the other hand for an office environment where there may be some high value targets, stealthed ports seem to be the preferred choice of many who have expressed an opinion on the issue.. Some of the toughest consumer, non,end-point firewalls avaiable do not stealth ports. (LOL: I guess if your firewall is tough - who cares :-)
  19. Hi Forum Regular :-) Thanks for that great link. Always good to learn something new :-) HAWKI
  20. Hi Christian What do you my by "press Return?" I tried it twice. One time I clicked OK on the Run Screen and the second time I hit the "Enter" key. Both times I saw a dos type screen appear but it closed instantly. I see nothing in any "Log" files.
  21. Hi Christian :-) Thank you for the typical rapid response from Emisoft Support. You guys are the BEST! :-) I do not use a router. My PC is directly connected to my cable modem with a cable.
  22. Hi :-) (I'm sorry, I believe I may have asked this question before, but if I did I forgot the answer and can not locate the thread if I did.) I am on a "private" network. I have one PC in my home and I am not on any "Home Network" or any other network that I know of.. EMIS 9 only steaths about 7 of my Ports. All the others are just blocked. I umderstand that as long as Ports are blocked whether or not they are also stealthed, for practical purposes it does not make a big difference. Many solid firewals do not stealth. My question is: Should EMIS 9 be making my Ports stealthed or is EMIS 9 working as intended?
  23. Thanks Christian. That image answers my questions :-) I own several security suites with currently active licenses, but use EMIS 9. As a result, I follow several security product forums. Without question, Emisoft has the best, most helpful Support Forum, as well as what IMHO is the best security solution currently available for the home user. I can't explain why, but I have a voracious appetite for security product reviews, whether they be by established professional A/V Testing Orgs., PC mags, or YouTube reviews by respected reviewers with solid reputations, and I know of no other product that offers as high a level of protection against the various forms of malware and PUPs as Emisoft Products. Even excluding PUP detection, every other product has some significant weakness that Emisoft Products do not.
  24. I'm still a bit confused by this answer. Looking at the latest AV Comparatives Whole Product Dynamic “Real-World” Protection Test August-November 2014. Emisoft Anti Malware 9 has an extremely high "Uncompromised" score, which to me is the most important element, but leaves open the possibility for a user to make the wrong choice on "User Intervention" and lower the "Uncompromised" score. I have yet to see a behavior blocker alert. Does it give a suggested action? Of course I have no clue why I would allow a file onto my PC that EMIS tags as suspicious, so maybe it's an irrelevant question. I guess a behavior blocker, by it's very nature, has to give the user a choice, but a choice that has an obvious correct response. http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php?chart=chart2&year=2014&month=12&sort=1&zoom=3
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