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  1. Thanks for the info. I don't use Microsoft email service or Outlook, but why would such programs be unknown and have no digital signature? Usually I'm torn between blocking an outgoing communiaction attempt and fear of blocking some outgoing communication seervice that is necessary for one of my programs to run properly. In the past I've always let them through, but after a reinstall decided not to allow them cuz in the past I get a lot of pop-ups about live which I know is a Mirosoft communications service,and typically let them through. But decided against it this time. Typic
  2. Hi :-) I have my firewall settings set to "ask" when an unknown program wants to make an outgoing connection. If I "Block" an outgoing connection is that unknown program permanently blocked from attempting to make the same connection? Or if it attempts to make the same connection will I see another pop-up that will let me allow the same outgoing connection to be made? If not, how would I undo the blocking of the same outgoing program? If I am not totally familiar with all the unknown programs on my PC and the types of connections they may attempt to make would I be better off to set th
  3. Today's Microsoft Updates included an Update for Microsoft Silverlight. DO NOT INSTALL It's bugged-causing Silverlight to crash Confirmed by Malwarebytes Quality Control Testing. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/162034-mbae-blocking-silverlightnetflix/?p=917404
  4. Well, Bitdefender made this very easy for me. The product was not updating. $100 for a Flagship product that doesn't update !!! What a sad, costly joke. Bitdefender should be ashamed. (ashamed: Romanian translation: rușinat, jenat) I hope Bitdefender is doing a better job updating signatures for Emisoft Uninstalled :-)
  5. I tend to agree :-) She was obviously dazzled by what is portrayed as the "new" BRAIN in BD TS 2015 M-D and the accompanying graphics. However, note this posted tonight on Wilders and quoting from the Bit Defender forum: "A user in BD forum posted: 'I have been doing a bit of digging and am informed by BD that - "BRAIN technology is already part of all our products which we constantly improve and update. With our new Total Security Multi-Device we also decided to communicate the result of 5 years work in our labs. So, this self-learning technology that offers instant protection from a
  6. Hmm No Replies. Maybe I should try Dear Abby http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/topics/love-and-dating
  7. OK, so I have been 110% satisfied with EMIS 9 from both a protection and performance perspective. I have a dear friend who for some reason was inspired to give me a gift of the new Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Multi-Device( BDTS). I guess she liked the splashy colors on the Bitdefender Website and the new BRAIN, which no one outside of Bitdefender really knows what it is and how it interacts with your device. I have a need for a 5-device license like I need a hole in my head since I have one PC and an android phone that is "protected" with the free Q100. Frankly, I don't think anything
  8. I believe that Emisoft should be commended for taking an aggressive stand against PUPs which most A/V companies are afraid to do because of potential legal consequences. I do have a few questions: Does Emisoft block the installation of PUPs or does it just prevent them from operating and/or offers to remove them if found after a scan? Does Emisoft target all PUPs or just those that have the potential capability of acting maliciously rather than just being annoyances? Having once had Conduit somehow installed on my system I am a bit paranoid about some PUPs like Conduit which c
  9. Thanks Siketa and Christian for the info. I keep seeing several independant test results where EMAM and EMIS block %99.9X - %100 of samples in Real World Testing but some of the blocks are "User Intervention Blocks" and I personaly have never seen one so I was wondering what type of user intervention was being triggered .
  10. In the latest AV Comparatives Real World Testing report for October, 2014, EMIS has again done an outstanding job detcting 100% of malware. It was one of the only two out of twenty-two products tested with a 100% detection rate. However, it did not automatically block all samples. 2.2% of the samples detected required "user intervention" to block. What types of instances are these? What are the likely dialogues a user is likely to see in these instances? Just curious because I don't think I have ever seen one. http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php http://www.av-comparativ
  11. Yes Internet Access Is Fine Again but the warnings about EMIS Security Center has Stopped Working has returned after closing it on some occasions has returned and I'm paranoid enough to often do a restart when that happens :-)
  12. Thank You Siketa for that valuable information but I got it too late. Fresh install of EMIS w/o Beta updates already done. I lasted about 2 hours with Norton Security but felt very unsecure with that as my protection. NS has several known issues and YouTube Video tests of it are consistently far from impressive. Also, I never before realized that it slows down every action on my PC including web surfing. (Sadly, due to a unique set of circumstances I hold a 660 day subscription to it, but after using and researching EMIS I won't use it :-) The only alternative I would consider as a tem
  13. Hi :-) I was getting frequent warnings about EMIS Overwiew Has Shut Down everytime I closed the interface after a scan and occasionally at other times. Though I always believed it to be a false warning, it did make me feel unsure and I often I would restart my PC. I was looking at the Anti-Malware Forum where users there were reporting a similar issue. The suggestion there was to enable Beta Updates because the issue had been fixed in one of those updates. So, I of course enabled Beta Updates in EMIS. Soon thereafter, after surfing the net for several minutes my internet connection clo
  14. Ummm: What's a Eureka Crash Log? Is it generated by Windows or EMIS. I got one today. Appeared after closing EMIS after an overnight Full Scan, It mentioned a2guard. Couldn't find it again. Never saw one before. Does it report a problem with Windows or a problem with EMIS? Scared me there was an issue with my EMIS so unistalled it until I could find out more. I installed Norton Security to which I managed to wind up with a 665 day subscription that I wasn't using cuz I have a lot more confidence in EMIS After suffering a day of slow computer operation and too many browser
  15. Umm....... I'm not on any network. I have one PC where I am. Is there some Windows setting I have wrong in 8.1 that has placed me on a private network that I can change so I am not on any network and be stealthed? Or by definition is a single PC on a private network? I know next to nothing about networks :-)
  16. Thank you both for your replies. Richard: To be perfectly honest I have no Idea of its actuall effect of it on my system but I really like it's Task Manager Function. But as I mentioned that function can remain fully functional without the "core" process governor loaded. It's perhaps a habit to use it since I have been using it for such a long time and the license is a lifetime license. From the comments it sounds as though the core function may be doing the opposite of what it is intended to do. Whatever, whether or not it's loaded EMIS has no noticeable effect on the speed of my
  17. Any official response to this? While using EMIS on a "private network" should all ports be stealthed rather than blocked, not that it really makes much difference in practical terms.
  18. Hi:-) I have been using a "load balancing" utility for a very long time named Process Lasso. Basiically it claims to increase system responsiveness by temporarily restraing (lowering priority) of a process if it determines it is slowing a higher priority process or the opening of a program or something like that. Ity has established a respected reputation over the years as has its developer Bitsum Technologies. It consistently receives five star reviews on respected program review sites. Many popular multi-funtion system utilities have copy- catted their own version of this process balanci
  19. Was there a problem with the update server betwewen 4:00-7:00 AM this morning? Will EMIS update during a scan? Was running a full scan when I went to bed. Up early at 6:00 AM and noticed there had not been an update in over two hours, I then made several attempts to update manually and received a "could not connect to the update server" response." Eventually I was able to update. If there are no updates available at a time will EMIS report back that it was not able to connect to the server? When I closed the Protection Center GUI I got another of thos warnings that The Protection
  20. Ummm, your answer troubles me. When I run EMIS 9 on Shields-UP almost every port is shown as blocked. Only a handful are steathed. Is this because I have no group network and my setting is at "private network." Would there be any adverse results on the operation of my Windows PC or Internet Access if I changed the setting to public network? It was set at private network by default.
  21. Hi:-) Lost in my accolades about EMIS 9 was the following question: After reinstalling EMIS and doing a registry scan there were several firewall rulls designated as obsolete in my APP DATA/LOCAL/TEMP files. I just wanted a check that these were not new EMIS firewall rules mischaraterized by my registry cleaner before I deleted them. Common sense says to delete them, but I just want to make certain. Can't copy the entries and they are too long to type here without a major commitment of time. Immediately before reinstalling EMIS I uninstalled Webroot Secure Anywhere and the "New Norton Secu
  22. Hi :-) I had uninstalled EMIS for a week or so to try other new programs. During that period using other new versions and after watching hours of YouTube Tests on EMIS and several other new IS Suites and studying written reviews and tests, etc. I have concluded that that my initial choice of buying and installing EMIS was the right choice. EMIS is THE BEST. I have watched YouTube Reviews where the testers were startled at the performance of EMIS. In the last test I watched the reviewer was at a loss for words after EMSI's detection rate on the On Demand scan was 100% -- saying he had n
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