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  1. Everything clear. So, topic should be clesed. Best regards William
  2. Is it permanent turning off of this server or temporary problem ? Best regards William
  3. Good evening to everybody, This is my first topic on this forum, but I was registered user of old OA forum on Tall Emu in the past. Now problem, rather strange. One of my friends needs to configure computer only for writing and reading documents, e-mail correspondence and web browsing (very limited set of www pages, rather simple, without flash). Computer is old and week (PIII 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM), but sufficient for his needs. We choose Avast because this AV is very light and OA Premium This old release is very light, so well suited his computer. Actual version (very good in my opinion) is too heavy for him and cause significant slowing down of whole system. Upon installation or better say activation, we found big problem - activation cause error 10054. I find out, that OA trying to contact server lua.tallemu.com I understand that after changing owner of OA from Tall Emu to Emsisoft, this server is not active, so activation of old releases is not possible now. Is it true supposition ? Please kindly let me know. Is it any chance to use (that means activate) old releases of OA ? These very light releases coud be very interesting for peoples with weak computers. Best regards William
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