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  1. yesterday i did 17 hrs and it took little over 4 mins just now i did 22 hrs in 3:19 and i saw when it was downloading signatures files in folder it was named . diff / .repacked and .target i guessing when there named like that it's just downloading changes
  2. i waited 1 day but if you look at beta update notes it's for the pro version
  3. i installed beta update and no speed difference at all download time is the same 6:13 before and after 6:15
  4. i have noticed that updating signatures for Emsisoft Emergency Kit it very slow feels like it downloads at 300kb/s or less when i have high speed internet of 15MB/s takes around 5 -10mins or more to download all bitdefender signatures download speed needs to be increased to 1MB/s at least please resolve this soon thank you
  5. thank you for fixing it in beta version 40.0.14 keep the good work up
  6. any updates on this when this will be fixed i need a reply please
  7. i need a fix soon as possible any updates on this when this will be fixed thanks
  8. i hope they can fix it soon in a few days i was hoping today but so such luck keep up the great work thanks
  9. with the new latest version i noticed that i can't uncheck the scanner box for whitelisted list like i could before i would like to be able to uncheck them when i want those items scanned please resolve this soon thanks
  10. there is no such settings under Configuration under Update Settings not even under beta
  11. thats weird way to do whitelisting at least i know now i would think it it would be easier to have white list in seprate file i would think it would be confusing doing signatures cleanups but i dont know how there file format is it could be seprated when they view file thanks
  12. i was trying to find the whitelist file for bitdefender engine but dont know what is the file name i only see emsisofts whitelist can you tell me what the file name for the whitelist for bitdefender engine thanks
  13. md5: ec8e7c1f8d68ad33339f71db4d1ec38f detected before as Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Delf.bayp (A) md5: 2d4c963bd0635a969bf098c7e6e172dc Packed.Win32.FlyStudio.AMN (A) md5: 958e37451fee36f50d40ceb7389a5073 Packed.Win32.FlyStudio.AMN (A) md5: ba32453dab3761746957d30de329a418 Worm.Win32.Qvod.AMN (A) md5: 0e4f6fd1bc7059c4af41e733da35ff59 Packed.Win32.FlyStudio.AMN (A) md5: 428d2210e14f0f59e1ca71b0f15c5331 Trojan.MSIL.DownVision.AMN (A)
  14. but it was signatures that only emisisoft A engine had should i try to send the samples to lab again
  15. sorry i changed topics and post i just did a test with older signatures with new engine and the older threats were detected by engine A so i Realized it a signature issue please read first post
  16. ive noticed after sig clean up now alot of threats that were detected before have been removed and now undetected seems the lab is removing good signatures please check with lab about this thanks
  17. Here is the my stats as close as possible before 13,539,974 after 10,275,237 removed 3,264.737 file size difference 82Mb removed sig files difference 477
  18. i think you misunderstood me i was talking about the numbers of .sig files ( just files) i see one .sig file contains sigs for trojans/worms spyware/traces why arent you guys just added definitions to existing files instead of adding more
  19. i noticed that you guys are adding new Emsisoft engine signature files like crazy mostly 1 file ever other day you guy must have enough files to cover all malware families and variants it gone up so much in file numbers here is stats first time i started tracking numbers was on march 24 the number of signature files was at 477 files now it at 509 it gone up alot suddenly please consolidate signatures so there is less files and less memory usage thanks
  20. im confused if i understand the more processors i have installed the more files get scanned at same time is it the number of processors in system that limits max file size to be scanned or is it from max threads did you guys just put a file size limit in scanner there should never be max file size scan limit if the system can handle it please explain simple as possible
  21. I scan alot of installer files and other files that are bigger then 64MB and need to know there not infected question: why does the scan engines have file size limit? please explain the reason
  22. i know the scanner is for to clean infected systems but if the source of the infection is in a file bigger then 64MB file then the scanner will not scan it so the system will get reinfected when that file is opened again isn't the point of the scanner is to remove all infected files regardless of size scanner should scan all files of any size to remove all infected files
  23. I'm very concerned about the scanner file size limit with the current file limit of 64Mb it very likely the scanner will miss large files that could be infected Here a example with Emsisoft Emergency Kit someone scans there computer and thinks all there files are clean and later opens a file on there computer that is larger then 64MB and it's infected with a known threat then they will become infected too prevent this you need to have scanner scan all file sizes scanner engines should scan all file sizes because you never know if large files are infected hope you resolve this issue thank you
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