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  1. what is turning restore off on doing was i correct in the other stuff to do? thanks
  2. oops, i was trying to give you guys points and gave myself one. really i didnt mean to, just you guys.
  3. thanks thanks thanks, so no trojans, rootkits, bad stuff? i havent quarentine the a2 detections yet, can i now? so am i correct; after the java.... runn ccleaner, then turn off system restore and run a2 and put anything in quarentine and delete, turn system restore back on, run all those again and post logs?
  4. ok, thank but i think it was sp3 and i read on many boards when it was first released about problems. i am posting what i think is right. please give me directions to correct anything i have posted wrong. thank you.
  5. thank you, i was trying to tell you i read that thread on what to do first and was doing that but avira was saying the seeyouxp thing was a virus when it was loading. i attached that in my first post, its the first attachment.when you say dont run utilities, should i pull up wervices in a2 and stop them all? anything running has been but im not sure which are utilities. also i have used ccleaner for a long time but is it differant than the slim? ~also i have not downloaded sp3. it ruined my computer and i took it to a toshiba location which i had to have parts replaced.
  6. Hello, I believe this window32 trojan is deep in my system. I remember it being in volumes a long time ago. My computer recently crashed, a few months ago now. I thought my computer started from scratch then but maybe not. I easily get confused with these directions so I apologize in advanced. I started with that read first thread and my avira reported.I am stuck what to do. I have been using ccleaner for a long time but is it the same as the "slim"? My a2 just completed and this is the report. I think it may have sent files as well. Is there a problem I have? Yesterday my computer kept scrolling, and my shift key on the right is not working. Is this a part of the problem? THANK YOU.online analysis
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