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  1. I have a virus and it won't let me extract and and crashes the EEK installer per your instruction, any recomendation?
  2. Thank you, here are the files. JRT.txt AdwCleanerC2.txt AdwCleanerS3.txt Quarantine.log
  3. Boots fine sometimes, other times windows won't boot "missing operating system" is the error. scan_150823-003957.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Ok ran it and got fixlog, fixlist is deleted automatically.
  5. FRST File, after everything listed above was done. Restart and AutoOlt errors remains.
  6. Hi Emisoft, My computer is running quite slow even though it's a fresh install, there's also this autoolt error that pops up everytime i reboot and it doesn't correlate to any of my programs. I've attached all the files as instructed and also my screenshot of the error. Please Let me know as soon as you can, thanks for your time .
  7. File is attached as requested. Cure and Skipped were selected and rebooted.
  8. Got the rootkit physical drive 0 issue. Followed directions as instructed. Please inform me on what to do next. Thanks.
  9. Did just as you instructed. File is attached. Did that do the trick?
  10. Hi Emisoft, Apparently i've got a Drive 0 rootkit that can't be removed by Emisoft Antimalware. Followed instructions and ran EEK and OTL and i've attached the files. Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks.
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