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  1. Hi catprincess, no, I have tried that before and it didn't work. I guess I will have to completely uninstall OA on both machines and clean them, fun stuff...
  2. Hmm, this is getting frustrating. I unchecked the trust boxes for all interfaces on both machines and untrusted each IP in the Computer list on both machines. After that I rechecked/re-trusted them all again and rebooted both machines. I also deleted the RDP port (3389) from the Ports list to enforce a new "trust check" when firing up the RDP session. Starting a new RDP session ended with the same result though, the Remote Desktop login screen disappears after entering the password and that's it. No error message, no entries in the OA logs (on both machines). I tried RDP sessions on both ways,
  3. The blocked entries were from within my network, e.g.: [05/01/12 12:28:22] 8444/20FC TCP <- 192.168.0.xxx:2869 [this is my laptop], 192.168.0.yyy:49404 [this is my desktop], System(4/0) [05/01/12 12:28:22] 8444/20FC Blocked by restricted port list (untrusted) I don't think this is related to RDP. In the "Restricted Ports" list port 2869 is marked as restricted by default by OA (ms-icslap), but as far as I know this is not an RDP port. Both IPs above are marked as trusted on each machine, interfaces and RDP port are trusted as well. Also, today I have been doing a couple of more tests w
  4. Hi guys, I have a desktop machine and a laptop, both running on Win 7 Pro x64. Both are running Online-Armor Premium ( and for antivirus protection Avira Antivirus Premium 2012. Both machines have all updates (incl. the Windows updates). Until about 2 months ago I was able to use Win Remote Desktop into both directions without any problems. However, then suddenly it stopped working: Starting a RDP session from my laptop to the desktop works in a way that after clicking "Connect" it recognizes my desktop and asks for the credentials. After entering the correct credentials the RDP w
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