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  1. likewise running on xp_sp3. v8.1 plays so nicely on this pc, some "fear" that new & improved 9.0 will overwhelm the xp. Any fear in that or is 9.0 intended to run on xp pentium D 2.8 ghz 3.5 gb ram.
  2. Yes that follows more recent trends I was seeing. Re "direct disk access" is that implemented automatically if and as needed, or is that a setting to enable. I thought I have seen that, somewhere, but just now I could not find it and I tried help file and it did not find it either. Thanks, and if you can shed any more light on "direct disk access" I'd appreciate it. /ns
  3. is it a good idea, eg, to boot Windows (XP) into safe mode commandline and scan with a2cmd every so often, is that considered a "better" scan? I've read some conflicting opinions lately some saying there is no advantage to safe mode scans any more? Please advise. /ns
  4. update to myself. I now see earlier topic same issue but ref file guard and suggested solution of running emsiclean. This leads me to think it was purely an EAM issue, perhaps with some update all of which was fixed by reboot and I did not have to run emsiclean first, but I did download emsiclean and I'm saving instructions if I should see this problem again. ps xp_sp3 32bit & not currently running WSA, only EAM real-time and liking it. I also like that I can buy license in 3 month chunks!
  5. running xp_sp3 EAM v6.0.0.57 I found EAM systray icon had moved from where it had been, and also noticed that the guard state for behavior blocker and surf protection were disabled. Not sure how that had happened as they had been enabled. More odd thing was that when I tried to enable both, they refused to enable. Ran scans with various tools, nothing mal found. Finally rebooted xp and that cleared up the problem and I was able to enable behavior blocker and surf protection again. I have no idea what caused. 1st guess is that some update for EAM malfunctioned causing the disable. Thought maybe if that was not it that it might have been something with windows update, but windows is not set to auto update on this xp. So very curious. Anyone else see this? xp is also running defensewall and appguard, and they have all been playing nicely with EAM.
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