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  1. Apologies if this has been reported before. EIS11 .5911. on Windows 10 latest build, Issue: Ran quick scan and Application.AdReg (A) registry entry found. Quarantined, Ran Malware scan and it was found again. Quaratined again. Rebooted and ran another Quick Scan and Application.AdReg (A) detected again. Logs show 3 detections so far and logs for scan show it detected each time but Quarantine is empty so it looks like Quarantine not working. Others: For info I can't apply built in templates with the Firewall as reported elsewhere. Also using Private Internet Access client I can't connect to VPN unless I select Allow All in Firewall Rules despite allowing any Firewall Alerts I've gotten. Is it expected when set to Ask you need to build rules in advance or should it Alert to each connection attempt so you can decide? Having some real start-up delays too. About 45 seconds pre EIS about 90 post. Is this expected? Thanks
  2. OA performs well against key-loggers etc on x32 versions of Windows but not so well on x64 I'm afraid. Key-logger and Screen-capture is very difficult to block on x64 because of Kernal Patch Protection (Patchguard) restrictions but some others seem to have managed it. Maybe through easy to unpick user mode hooks designed to defeat leak tests rather than offering proper protection against malware. Almost all of these type of threats are executables anyway. OA on x64 will alert you to the other suspicious activities/unknown nature of the file long before the key-logging/screen-capture takes place. I like Emsisoft's approach to this where they want real protection rather developing placebo products designed to pass leak-tests. Cheers
  3. Thanks done and updated. Confirm Iron issue fixed for me. Any news on Foxit and Publisher? Cheers Chris
  4. I understand Iron issue is fixed in .1545? If so fast work guys, thanks! but............. Can't check cause I'm having this issue http://support.emsis...-online-update/ Cheers
  5. I take it the debug report from xeon will suffice for Iron. Do you want me to do the same for Foxit and MS Publisher or is it likely the same issue? Thanks
  6. Files as requested Foxit Reader 5.1.4 can be added to Iron and MS Publisher 2010 as apps that wont work under OA while Sandboxed (Actually Foxit Updater that closes whole app so if its done its usual check unsandboxed it works, when it tries to check in sandbox it fails) Cheers Chris
  7. Thanks for responding Arthur, I just checked back responding to a thread on another forum so sorry for the delay. I'm afraid I gave up and moved on. I may get time to reinstall the back-up I made before later in the week. If I do I'll post the info you require. Always like to help improve the product even though I've probably moved on as I'm happy with the replacement product. For info my Sandboxie settings were the problem in some instances - Outlook and Firefox were running OK before I moved on. I still could not get Iron or Microsoft Publisher 2010 to run sandboxed unless I excluded them from OA protection. From other posts I found on other forums I'm not the only one with the Iron/other chromium issue (although Chrome itself works fine). Thanks Regards Chris
  8. Disappointingly I can't seem to get and OA Premium ( and Sandboxie (3.62) to play well together at all. I know you say the latest version solves compatibility issues but not for me. Effectively Iron (or any Chromium derivitive) won't work. All I see is the 'Aw snap' animation although it works fine sandboxed with OA disabled or with OA enabled unsandboxed. Firefox takes nearly 20 seconds to start instead of 2. Again no issues when the apps run independantly. Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 applications start but throw a 'stopped working' message. Again fine under the control of a single application. The same whether the apps are set to 'run-safer' or not and Sandboxie 'experimental' on and off. OA template in SBIE is in use and all the apps in question are trusted by OA. The only way to resolve it is to exclude Sandboxie AND the sandboxed applications from OA protection. Seems ridiculous to exclude your main internet facing applications from your firewall though. OA logs say nothing and Sandboxie Resource Access Monitor seems to be normal. Can someone confirm 'excluding' in OA excludes from both Firewall filtering and HIPS activities i.e. excluding my sandboxed internet facing apps in OA means internet traffic to/from them is unfilitered? I've now Loaded a clean image that has had neither app on it before - installed them again OA first then SBIE, then when that didn't work switched that to SBIE first then OA. No differences noted still unable to get them to work together. I can't find any recent (post the OA changes) reference but is this a known issue? Any other ways of resolving it? No other security apps installed. Win 7 Home Premium x 64 SP1 with latest Windows updates installed. Thanks
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