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  1. everything seems to be working ok thanks your help is much appreciated and hopefully i will not be saying hi to you soon
  2. here is log file as requested
  3. here is zip file as requested
  4. The extras file was to big to upload is message im getting
  5. ok here are latest reports still cant get the iseeuxo one sadly, the red circle dissapeared from my task bar as soon as i run combofix. all seems to be ok unless you find something else in logs. thanks very much for the quick response and the fantastic help i will definatly be buying the full version of A2 from emsi.
  6. thought you would say that, but its not there even though the path says it should be i have copied and pasted it to a word doc hope that is ok. (not allowed to attach that type of doc) so any ideas on how i can sort out the report location??
  7. hope one of those is the right one
  8. apologies for not reading the instructions fully before here are logs from new scan etc. I have a round red with white cross windows style button that has appeared in the bottom right of my task bar that i can not left click on but if i hover my mouse over it a pop up box appears that states "Your computer is infected windows has detected spyware infection! It is recomended to use special antispyware tools to prevent data los. Windows willnow download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you. click here to protect your computer from spyware" this also pops up every few minutes cant seem to find the log from i seeyouxp will have a read through some posts here for info and will post it asap
  9. win xp sp3 hi guys hope you can help me with this or a complete reinstall will have to be done, my comp has been infected have just run a full scan and the detected items can not be removed/quaranted. i have attached the report hope this helps pls advice if you can,
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