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  1. Could you please create a ticket at:, so that I am able to help you. Thanks!
  2. I can see what you are trying to say Yes, it could be conflicting to users. I will pass it on to the developers so they can have a look and change it where necessary to make it more understandable for the user.
  3. Hi Bocl, The problem with relying on the behavior of programs is that many malicious programs use similar installation methods to valid programs, and vice-versa. So, yes, the suggestion does say allow, but that is because many valid programs install services invisibly, so as to not annoy the user. However, the default choice is block We will continually try to improve our product to allow the user to make the best decision possible and feedback such as this is very valuable for us. So, with this information, we will try and improve the suggestions made to the user.
  4. Are those enabled though? Here is an alert from Mamutu with a live keylogger, which is trying to install invisibly. Warning received:
  5. Few questions: Is the process hidden from Task Manager or by any other means? Is it hiding it's files? Is it creating, sending or storing log files of what it is recording? Is it hiding these log files?
  6. Mamutu is not a firewall. However, Online Armor is. Give that a whirl, and see how it scores In any case, Mamutu is a behavior blocker. This means that "potentially" malicious actions are alerted. Malware Defender is a Host Intrusion Prevention System, which means all specified changes to the system are alerted.
  7. We will investigate further. Thanks for the report
  8. Developers are looking into the issue. Please be patient
  9. Hi XIII, EmsiSoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor are compatible. We will look into the problem you are describing though, and report back to you our findings.
  10. Hi 1101Doc, We are looking into the problem now - so please be patient As soon as I hear any details about the issue, I'll be sure to post them here.
  11. Hi Slider916, Sadly we do not have an option to purchase a 4-user pack or to have the 3-user bundle over 3 years. My advice would be to purchase the 3-user bundle + a single user bundle. Then when it's time for renewal, we can offer you a nice discount for extending your licenses
  12. Problem has now been fixed. An update will be released to solve this issue shortly
  13. We would prefer for you to submit the file through our web submission page (if possible). We only use VT when it is absolutely necessary. To better analyze the system, you may like to submit a HijackFree log on the Malware Removal section of the forum Edit: Good thinking Ray! Got in just before me!
  14. Developers will look into it. Thanks for your reporting and testing!
  15. Hi Malcontent, Thanks for the suggestion. Our developers and researchers will look into it