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  1. Have you tried adding an exclusion for your HitmanPro.Alert program to Online Armor? If not, then here are some instructions for adding a folder to the Exclusions list in Online Armor: Click on the Start button, go to All Programs, go to Online Armor, and click on the Online Armor icon to open it. Click on Options in the menu on the left. Go to the Exclusions tab. Click on the Add button. Use the little [+] and [-] icons to the left of folder names to open and close them, find the folder you want to add, click on it to highlight it, and then click OK at the bottom. Close the Online Armor window.
  2. If it says it is clean, then that means that our malware analysts took a look at the file and decided it was a false positive. I'm not sure why it wasn't restored automatically, but you can do it manually by clicking on the file to select it, and then click the 'Restore' button.
  3. I did once upon a time when a bug in a beta version made me think I needed to, but right now everything seems OK with both of them.
  4. There should be no licensing needed for the EEK on non-server versions of Windows. Lets get some logs from Fiddler, and see if it shows the cause of the problem. a2cmd Update Please download and install Fiddler 2 from the following link (this is the version that requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0), and then follow the instructions below: 1. After installing Fiddler, please open it from the Start Menu. 2. Launch the command prompt 3. Run a2cmd.exe with the following command (while Fiddler is running): a2cmd.exe /u /proxy= After the update fails, go back to Fiddler, and to "File", then "Save", and select "All Sessions" (please save it on your desktop). 5. Attach the file you saved from Fiddler to a reply for us to review.
  5. OK, we'll just use OTL to delete the file (or folder, since the log doesn't specify), and I'll attach the logs you sent to a bug report. I have written a cleanup script for OTL (if you need to, you may download OTL from this link). Please download the following OTL_Script file, and save it on your desktop. After saving it, open it, run OTL, and copy and paste the contents of the OTL_Script file into the Custom Scans/Fixes box at the bottom of the OTL window: Then click the Run Fix button at the top. Let the program run unhindered, restart your computer when it is done (it may automatically restart your computer on its own). After your computer has restarted, please open OTL again and click the Quick Scan button. Attach the log it produces in your next reply (just the OTL log, as I don't need to see the Extras log again). You will need to click the button that says More Reply Options to the lower-right of where you type your reply to be presented with the attachment controls.
  6. I haven't heard anything from them. I'll send a follow up message to them.
  7. The file is probably hidden or marked as a "system file". Assuming it is Windows Vista, here's a link to instructions on how to show hidden files, and the setting to turn off hiding of system files is in the same place.
  8. OK, I'll send our developers another e-mail.
  9. If it doesn't reoccur then it'll be difficult to collect debug information. We do have a bug report open on the issues with the notifications not being displayed that some people have reported, so hopefully our developers will be able to resolve whatever happened here when they are able to fix that.
  10. I'm glad to hear that the issue is now resolved. Please let us know if you have any further trouble.
  11. I would believe that some people do use Emsisoft Anti-Malware alongside AVG without issues. If there are issues, then exclusions usually resolve them.
  12. Please try the following: Uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Restart your computer a couple of times to make sure that everything gets removed. Download and reinstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware from this link.
  13. The Emsisoft service and drivers are all installed and running (from the F: partition). Is Emsisoft Anti-Malware working OK now on the F: partition? As for the C: partition, can you boot to it and run OTL so I can see the drivers and services there as well? I may need to write a script to remove something, but Emsiclean should have taken care of it all on its own. As for Extras.txt, OTL will only automatically generate it the first time it is run, and then every other time you have to change the "Extras registry" option to get it to save that log again. That log isn't as important, unless I want to see Event Log errors.
  14. Their CEO has confirmed that they intend to honor lifetime licenses. There's a link to the announcement at the link that stapp posted, if you haven't already seen it.
  15. Has it happened more than once, or was it just that one time?
  16. It's in a temp folder, and there's no information on the file in a Google search. Could you upload the file to VirusTotal and then post the link to the analysis? That way I can get some more information about it.
  17. Could you run another OTL scan on the Windows installation on your F: partition? I want to see if the service and driver entries were not correctly removed.
  18. I don't mind looking at logs. Please be aware though that there are a lot of logs that I don't know how to read, so if it is from an unfamiliar utility then I cannot guarantee that I will be able to make much sense out of it.
  19. MBAM works fine with Emsisoft Anti-Malware on most computers, and should be OK to keep. I actually keep it installed with the real-time protection enabled, since I have a lifetime license for it.
  20. OK, I have sent the link to one of our developers. Hopefully the issue can be easily fixed, however please note that I may need to open a bug report for it so that our development team can take a closer look at the issue and work on a fix.
  21. They won't allow you to upload without my e-mail address? I'll send it to you in a private message.
  22. It's not abnormal to see keylogger notifications when playing games, due to the way they capture keyboard input. It is odd that it took so long for Online Armor to notify you about it. Did you change any settings in the game shortly before the notification appeared?
  23. It's more likely that explorer.exe is loading just a little bit slower than normal. It is possible to create a process exclusion for explorer.exe if you want to see if that resolves the issue. Here's some instructions on how to create a process exclusion: Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on the desktop. Click Guard in the menu on the left. Go to the File Guard tab. In the lower-left corner, just above Alerts, click on the Manage whitelist link. In the box under Type click the little down arrow and change it from File to Process (you may need to click in the box for the arrow appear). Click in the white box below Item to make a button with three dots (...) appear, and then click the ... button. Navigate to the directory where the files you wish to exclude are located, and double-click on one of them to add it. Repeat the last 3 steps as needed to add each file to the exclusions list. Click the OK button at the bottom when done, and close Emsisoft Anti-Malware. On most computers explorer.exe would be at this location: C:\Windows\explorer.exe