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  1. OK, that closes the System Tray icon (a2guard.exe). The service (a2service.exe) will remain running when you shut down the Guard. I was just thinking that it would be possible to automate the process of terminate a2guard.exe, then stopping the service, and then shutting down the computer all in a single batch file. You would need to download something such as PsKill from Microsoft and you would need to disable the self protection in Emsisoft Anti-Malware, however it would be fairly easy to do. Something like this should work (assuming PsKill is in a folder named 'PSTools' in the root of the hard drive you have Windows installed on): %SystemDrive% cd \PSTools pskill.exe a2guard.exe sc stop a2AntiMalware shutdown.exe /s /t 0
  2. I would recommend removing either 360 Internet Security or Online Armor, as two firewalls on the same computer can cause issues.
  3. OK, I've created a bug report for this one as well, and attached the logs.
  4. Minidumps do not contain enough information to determine the exact cause of the crash. You will need a full memory dump. Here is a link to instructions on how to configure Windows to enable full memory dumps.
  5. I haven't heard anything from our developers yet on this issue. Hopefully they will be able to take a look at the bug report soon, but I don't have any ETA on when they might be able to.
  6. I'm fairly certain that other discounts cannot be used with the Black Friday discount, however you may try the coupon code and see if it works.
  7. I'm not sure if I had posted this full set of instructions for you yet or not (I know I mentioned the new logging method in a private message), but there is a new way to collect Debug Logs from Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Here are the instructions (the batch file mentioned is the same one you already used to enable Debug Mode): In order to get logs, you will first need to run a batch file to enable debug logging. This batch file is contained in the ZIP archive at the this link (this ZIP archive also contains a batch file to disable debug logging). Please save that ZIP archive on your desktop, extract its contents, and then follow these instructions: Run the enable_debug_output batch file (if your computer has Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 then please right-click on the batch file and select Run as administrator). You will see a black window pop up, and then disappear very quickly. After that happens, please restart your computer. Reproduce the issue you are having. Once you have reproduced the issue, hold down the Windows key on the keyboard (the one with the Windows logo on it, usually in between the Ctrl and Alt keys) and tap the R key to open the Run dialog. Type the following into the Run dialog, and then click OK: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Emsisoft A window should open and you should see a Logs folder. Right-click on that Logs folder, go to Send to, and select Compressed (zipped) folder. Move the new ZIP archive you created with the logs folder in it to your desktop. Attach the ZIP archive containing the logs to a reply by using the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply. Note: If you get an error message when trying to send the Logs folder to a Compressed (zipped) folder then you may need to try a utility such as 7-Zip or WinRar to compress the folder. Both 7-Zip and WinRar have options to create an archive and save it in another location (such as on your desktop), which should prevent the error message. Here are links to the download pages for 7-Zip and WinRar. After posting the debug logs, you can run the disable_debug_output batch file (be sure to run it as administrator as well) and restart your computer again to disable debug logging.
  8. That is an outdated version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and the user interface is different. I'm not sure if there was a freeware mode option in that version, however if you uninstall it you can download and install the latest version from this link.
  9. You're welcome. That is essentially what the bug boils down to. Both icons can be displayed when hiding of notification icons is disabled, but the system for hiding 'inactive' icons does not work right with a second icon created by the same program, so only the first icon can be set to never be hidden. Making a program that draws a green square isn't difficult. The issue is where it would get the data from. It needs to pull it from the memory of another process (specifically oasrv.exe), and since that is already being done by another process it might cause complications.
  10. I see you beat me to it. Have you tried enabling Beta Updates in Emsisoft Anti-Malware? It's possible that a fix for loading the Host Rules may have an effect on your stalling on bootup issue, although I don't know for certain because the symptom isn't the same as the one that the fix was intended for.
  11. Please download Emsiclean from this link (be sure to save it on your desktop), and follow the instructions below to get me a log: Run the Emsiclean download that you saved on your desktop. Read the disclaimer. Note that you must agree to it in order to proceed. Once the scan is finished, simply exit Emsiclean, and do not remove anything. A new file will be saved on your desktop with a log of what was detected. Please attach that to a reply by using the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply.
  12. I assume that you activated the free trial? If so, then just follow these steps: Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Go to Configuration in the menu on the left. Go to the License tab. Click on the button to Change license. There should be a link to select the freeware mode, which does not have real-time protection.
  13. Do you want to enable Debug Mode and send me the logs? I can create a bug report so that our developers can take a look at the issue.
  14. Yes, this is an unfortunate bug in the way Windows 7 handles System Tray icons. The only workaround is to set Windows to never hide icons in the Notification Area.
  15. That's great! Thanks for letting us know.
  16. I've received it, and am attaching it to our bug report on Online Armor 7 performance issues.
  17. I guess I already did ask for that. I thought this was a different topic for some reason.
  18. Would it be possible for you to go to VirusTotal, upload the following file for analysis, and then post the link to that analysis for me? C:\Program Files (x86)\360\360safe\deepscan\ZhuDongFangYu.exe
  19. Just to let you know, I am creating a bug report on this issue so that our developers can look in to it further.
  20. It's considered a 'trace', so it would be detected by a Quick Scan, so it needs to be deleted before you can install successfully. Lets just use OTL to delete it. I have written a cleanup script for OTL (if you need to, you may download OTL from this link). Please download the following OTL_Script file, and save it on your desktop. After saving it, open it, run OTL, and copy and paste the contents of the OTL_Script file into the Custom Scans/Fixes box at the bottom of the OTL window: Then click the Run Fix button at the top. Let the program run unhindered, restart your computer when it is done (it may automatically restart your computer on its own). After your computer has restarted, please open OTL again and click the Quick Scan button. Attach the log it produces in your next reply (just the OTL log, as I don't need to see the Extras log again). You will need to click the button that says More Reply Options to the lower-right of where you type your reply to be presented with the attachment controls.
  21. I know I sound like a broken record, but is there any possibility of Debug Logs?
  22. OK, I have forwarded your logs on to our developers.
  23. The install only took about a minute, and that includes clicking 'Allow' on OA's notifications about the installer.
  24. OK, then you probably have it running in freeware mode. We'll probably need some logs to see what the problem is. Please reenable the OA Helper Driver in your network connection's properties, then open Online Armor, go to Options in the menu on the left, click the little check box to enable debug mode, restart your computer, and then try reproducing your problem with web pages. After that, please ZIP your entire logs folder (normally C:\Program Files\Online Armor\Logs), upload it to a website such as RapidShare/DepositFiles/BayFiles/etc (which one you use is up to you), and then copy and paste the link to download the file into a reply (or you can send it to me in a Private Message if you don't want the link posted publicly on the forums). Note that, if you don't have a utility such as 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRar that you can ZIP files and folders by right-clicking on them, going to Send To, and clicking on Compressed (zipped) Folder. Note that RapidShare and BayFiles have been having issues lately, and we may not be able to download the files from them. If you have DropBox, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft SkyDrive then those services would be more reliable. Also, you can attach files to private messages on these forums, and I would believe the limit is up to 128MB, so if the file is smaller than 128MB then you can just attach it to a private message to me on these forums.