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  1. Yes, delete both of them. Or at least move them to another folder if you would like to keep a backup.
  2. It's possible that it was related to Windows Defender being on. Is the issue still happening now that it's been turned back off (assuming your computer has been restarted since switching it off)?
  3. There is a limited freeware mode available after the free trial ends, however please note that it has no real-time protection, and only has the ability to scan for and remove threats and manually check for updates.
  4. I've suggested to our QA Manager that it might be a good idea to have the option to restore default software settings also restore column width in places like the Application Rules.
  5. It's not possible to directly interface with a2service.exe. If you're not able to accomplish what you are trying to do with ASP.net, then you may need to write a VBScript or something similar to manage launching a2cmd and reporting its status to your ASP script.
  6. May I ask what version of EIS you have installed? In the most recent versions, the service handles the update process, and it runs as the SYSTEM user.
  7. Windows turns Windows Defender off when a third-party anti-virus software is installed, or at least it's supposed to. You can try using a tool such as ShutUp10 to turn off Windows Defender, and see if that resolves the issue.
  8. The size of the window is in a2settings.ini in the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder, and that file should be deleted when Emsisoft Anti-Malware is uninstalled. If it wasn't, then you'll need to uninstall again, restart your computer twice, and then make sure that the a2settings.ini file is deleted from the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder before reinstalling.
  9. There was an issue, I would believe on Saturday, where our CDN (Contend Delivery Network) provider was having trouble and our database files on their servers were not getting updated. The issue was resolved late on Saturday, and you shouldn't experience any more problems.
  10. Can you scroll to the right, and drag the tab back?
  11. Yes, I am an official Emsisoft support representative. EIS isn't intended for advanced users, and while more advanced features are not completely off the table, they are not currently a priority. OK, the official word is that EIS doesn't treat different IP ranges differently (unless you manually create rules to do that). When you set your network adapter as "Private", all traffic (regardless of source or destination) is handled by the same set of rules for a private network. If you want specific IP ranges to be handled differently, then you would need to create specific rules for thos
  12. I've attached a ZIP archive called "clear_temp_batch_file.zip" which contains a batch file that should resolve this issue. Please download this ZIP archive, and then extract it by right-clicking on it and selecting "Extract all". After that, find the "clear_temp" batch file that was extracted, and right-click on it and select "Run as administrator". clear_temp_batch_file.zip Please note that the "clear_temp" batch file will restart your computer automatically after 30 seconds. I recommend making sure that anything you were working on is saved before running the batch file. When your comp
  13. Ah, you're referring to the list in the following screenshot: Currently there's no way to edit these, and as far as I know they are hardcoded. Unfortunately this method is undocumented, and there's no information about the file format beyond what you see in the file itself when you export it. This is really just an unofficial workaround to try to accomplish what you are wanting to do. My understanding is that this is essentially correct, however I have asked one of our developers to be certain. Rules below the "Traffic handled by application rules (TCP/UDP)" rule
  14. Essentially that's mostly true. Emsisoft Internet Security isn't considered to be compatible with any anti-virus software that uses a WFP driver to capture network traffic in order to block malicious websites. Unfortunately my understanding is that most anti-virus software does use a WFP driver, so Emsisoft Internet Security shouldn't be used with anti-virus software from other companies.
  15. I have a tendency to do the same thing, and have to check each time.
  16. Unfortunately we don't have ETA's for fixes or new releases, but our developers will try to get it fixed as soon as they can.
  17. Hello John. It looks like I already replied via e-mail, so I'll copy and paste my reply below: Do you have Beta Updates turned on in Emsisoft Emergency Kit? Are you able to save files in "C:\EEK\bin"?
  18. There's also TCPView from Microsoft. Or just the "Resource Monitor" that comes built in to Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.
  19. Template? You mean such as the "All allowed" and "All blocked" options in the dropdown menus in the Application Rules? There is currently no way to make a pre-set configuration like that. Yes, for domain names the Surf Protection is the best place. You should also be able to block specific IP addresses and IP ranges via the global firewall rules, as long as you move the rule above the one to process Application Rules. Currently we don't have any way in the UI to copy rules, although theoretically you could export your Application Rules, edit them in something like Notepad++, and
  20. I don't expect that will help in this case. Especially since we don't yet know what error message they are seeing.
  21. Ah, OK. Edit: FYI, the HOSTS file is blocking access to Microsoft and Adobe servers. This most likely means that there is pirated Adobe software on the computer, and that Windows has been pirated. This also means that Windows Updates are not being installed, and thus the computer is more than likely very vulnerable to infection.
  22. Is it the "internal processing error"? Or does the error say something about a "computer resource problem"? If not, then does it perhaps say something about not being able to connect to the service?
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