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  1. You may want to add a Process exclusion to the Whitelist in Emsisoft Anti-Malware for your printer's software, and see if that helps. Here are instructions for adding Process exclusions: Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on the desktop. Click Guard in the menu on the left. Go to the File Guard tab. In the lower-left corner, just above Alerts, click on the Manage whitelist link. In the box under Type click the little down arrow and change it from File to Process (you may need to click in the box for the arrow appear). Click in the white box below Item to make a button with three dots (...) appear, and then click the ... button. Navigate to the directory where the files you wish to exclude are located, and double-click on one of them to add it. Repeat the last 3 steps as needed to add each file to the exclusions list. Click the OK button at the bottom when done, and close Emsisoft Anti-Malware. If you need help determining what exactly to add, then let me know.
  2. OK, lets get some logs then. Please open Online Armor, go to Options in the menu on the left, click the little check box to enable debug mode, restart your computer, and then try reproducing the issue with the notification that has no information. After that, please ZIP your entire logs folder (normally C:\Program Files\Online Armor\Logs), upload it to a website such as RapidShare/DepositFiles/BayFiles/etc (which one you use is up to you), and then copy and paste the link to download the file into a reply (or you can send it to me in a Private Message if you don't want the link posted publicly on the forums). Note that, if you don't have a utility such as 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRar that you can ZIP files and folders by right-clicking on them, going to Send To, and clicking on Compressed (zipped) Folder. Note that RapidShare and BayFiles have been having issues lately, and we may not be able to download the files from them. If you have DropBox, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft SkyDrive then those services would be more reliable. Also, you can attach files to private messages on these forums, and I would believe the limit is up to 128MB, so if the file is smaller than 128MB then you can just attach it to a private message to me on these forums.
  3. It looks like I already replied to your e-mail on our helpdesk. Let me know if you would prefer to continue this via e-mail, or here on the forums.
  4. Does it happen again if you reset the computers list again? If you can reproduce the problem, then we can get Debug Logs.
  5. OK, I've sent an e-mail to the developer who worked on that issue, and asked them if it was caused by the same thing.
  6. 'might' means I'd have to ask to know for sure, and unfortunately the person to ask isn't online at the moment. I don't think adding it it would increase the protection, because by the time it gets to that point the malicious application has somehow managed to bypass protection already (usually by "social engineering" or technical issues).
  7. Possibly because they were logged from different user accounts, however I would have to ask our developers to be sure. What happens if you click the 'Reset' button?
  8. Thank you for the information and the logs. I have created a bug report and added your logs to it.
  9. OK. Let us know if you have any further issues.
  10. I thought you were replying thinking this was one of your topics. Don't receive e-mail notifications?
  11. Changing of some file associations might be monitored, but I'm fairly certain that permissions aren't. Technically, a trojan downloading a payload and something creating a startup entry should have caused a notification (unless you have the Terminal Services service disabled).
  12. Have you tried uninstalling Emsisoft Anti-Malware, rebooting your computer a couple of times, and downloading and reinstalling Emsisoft Anti-Malware?
  13. You do know this isn't your forum topic, right? Anyway, Dreams-Visions, I sent an e-mail to one of our developers yesterday. I haven't heard back from them yet.
  14. OK. Thank you for letting us know.
  15. I have created a bug report in our system for this issue.
  16. You can get Process Explorer here:
  17. OK, I have passed that on to our developers. They may also want to see a full memory dump, as minidumps usually don't include enough information to determine the cause of a BSOD. Here's a link to instructions on how to configure Windows to save full memory dumps.
  18. We do not currently have a mobile security solution. There are, however, a few free anti-virus scanning products that you can find on the Google app store (I think they call it "Google Play"). I know that avast! has one, and a few other vendors do as well.
  19. I also replied to this on the helpdesk, so you should have an e-mail from me. I noticed that your e-mail address you used on the forums was different from the one you used for our helpdesk system, so please let me know if you don't get my e-mail.
  20. I'm not entirely certain how long we will continue to support Windows XP after Microsoft discontinues updates. Once security vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited that make it difficult or impossible to protect that version of Windows, we may be forced to discontinue support for it.
  21. OK. Any debug logs you can send us will be greatly appreciated.
  22. I have not seen any updates from our developers on this issue. Does it temporarily resolve the issue temporarily (at least without needing to reboot) if you right-click on the System Tray icon for Online Armor and select to close and shutdown Online Armor, then restart it from the Start Menu?