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  1. There shouldn't be any problem with that. If it is already registered to your account in our Customer Center, then they won't be able to renew it, but they will still be able to use it.
  2. As long as none of the licenses are from free giveaways, we can certainly merge them. Just send me a private message, and let me know the license keys, and which license to merge the other two into.
  3. May I ask what programs you are having this issue with? Also, is this just on Windows 7 x64, or is it on other versions of Windows as well?
  4. If you open Online Armor and go to Options in the menu on the left, you should find an option for Beta Updates. Enable beta updates, then run an update in Online Armor, and let me know if that resolves the issue.
  5. Do you have a link to the file you downloaded which caused this issue?
  6. Online Armor will revert to freeware mode once the license period expires.
  7. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your history.dat file in a private message? You will find it in the directory you installed Online Armor to (normally C:\Program Files\Online Armor). Note that you will have to close and shutdown Online Armor in order to access the file. Also, you will probably have to ZIP the file to attach it to a private message, so if you don't have a utility such as 7-Zip, WinZip, or WinRar that you can ZIP files and folders by right-clicking on them, going to "Send To", and clicking on "Compressed (zipped) Folder".
  8. I don't believe that that would change whether or not the path is returned with a trailing '\', however it could depend on the API's in the programming language that the UI is written in (or even the compiler used). I'll ask Andrey if he knows why it's there sometimes, and not there all of the time.
  9. Don't worry, I can get your e-mail address from your forum profile. I'm sending you a private message with the temporary license key.
  10. I's possible that it's part of the game's copy protection. Do you know if this is a game that is sold through Origin?
  11. I think I have an alternate solution. Create an account at this link, and then let me know once you've done that. Once you have an account, I can create a 5-day Online Armor Premium license for you in our system, and that should give you enough time to backup your settings, reinstall Online Armor, and then restore your settings.
  12. If you hold your mouse over my screen name, it will pop up a little box with a "Send message" button on it.
  13. If you want, I can reduce the length your three current licenses, and turn that time into a fourth license. That way you don't have to pay anything extra up front, and you get all four licenses. Of course, it also means that you need to renew sooner. If this sounds good to you, then send me a private message with your license key (or keys, if there are more than one) that you want shortened to create a fourth.
  14. I'm glad to hear that. Please let us know if you have any further issues.
  15. It means that all of the real-time guards (File Guard, Behavior Blocker, and Surf Protection) are not running. You can right-click on the icon, go to Guard state, and click Enable all guards when that happens, and it should turn them all on.
  16. OK, thank you for clarifying. Could you go ahead and get us the debug logs I posted instructions for in this post?
  17. There are ways of collecting debug information to send to us, but if Windows crashed then it would be best to send us the crash dump rather than debug logs. Would it be possible for you to send us that minidump that is referenced in your post? C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini040913-01.dmp
  18. One of our developers contacted me, and recommended adding the game and its launcher to the whitelist in Emsisoft Anti-Malware to see if that solves the issue. Here are instructions: Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on the desktop. Click Guard in the menu on the left. Go to the File Guard tab. In the lower-left corner, just above Alerts, click on the Manage whitelist link. In the box under Type click the little down arrow and change it from File to Process (you may need to click in the box for the arrow appear). Click in the white box below Item to make a button with three dots (...) appear, and then click the ... button. Navigate to the MapleStory directory (most likely C:\Nexon\MapleStory), and double-click on a file to add it. Repeat the last 3 steps until each of the following files have been added to the list: GameLauncher MapleStory Click the OK button at the bottom when done, and close Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
  19. If you just want to test and see if protection is working, then you can use the EICAR test file. Emsisoft Anti-Malware will detect it and offer to block it when you download it.
  20. I typed control userpasswords2 into the run dialog (hold down the Windows key and tap R to open it), then went to the Advanced tab, and clicked the Advanced button. An easier way would be to click on the Start button, then right-click on Computer and select Manage, then go to Local Users and Groups in the list on the left. From there, just double-click on Users, and then right-click on Administrator and select Properties.