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  1. So your software cannot remove this virus?
  2. Finally got into task manager but "windows could not find 'explorer' .......
  3. I completed to the end of section 3. Log on screen appeared, logged on then it went through the same process ending up with the 'Metropolitan Police' screen
  4. I used 'Directory Services Restore Mode' to get to safe mode??
  5. I have managed to get into safe mode (dont know how) Does this help?
  6. Yes, but how? I dont have the XP CD, although I do have the product key I get past the 'blue screen' in any boot option to access the operating system
  7. Tried to boot in safe mode. Blue screen appeared: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer . . . . . . .
  8. Also have a blue box: System file is infected !! Attempting to restore "C:\WINNT\system32\Drivers\Vo1snap.sys"
  9. I downloaded combi fix via web site. Ran it and "catchme.log" appeared on my desktop File "C:\combofix\MT_vo1snap.sys.tmp" added successfully driver loading error
  10. As soon as I open this post on the affected computer it crashes, so I cant download the combo fix. Also, the affected computer will not recognise a memory stick for me to download from it
  11. I am sorry, have been trying for over an hour to access this post on the affected computer in order to send you the data required. I cannot do anything with it
  12. The performance of my laptop has got steadily worse since testerday, now when I log on it goes straight to a full screen showing the virus/scam asking for a payment to be made. Now I can access nothing, nor can i boot in safe mode. I managed to get some data from the scans before everything got blocked.
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