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  1. Christian, At the time I was in trouble with lots of infections. Emsisoft EK grabbed about 40 of them, SuperAntiSpyware about 30, AVG 2014 about 8 and Eset another 30 or so. It was some kind of browser hijack. My Chrome browser went haywire and froze a couple of times, plus i was getting unwanted strange pop-ups. It really went all over the place. I was so panic stricken, I never took much notice of the file names etc. But one pop-up listed it as t**search.com which I looked up on the web and it was described as a new hijack virus and very hard to get rid of. another was Bubbles ??, i
  2. Windows XP Home, SP3 - had this for years - no changes. Sandboxie, AVG 2014, PrivateFireWall, WinPatrol, SpywareBlaster, EEK, SuprAntiSpyware, Eset online scanner, TDSSKiller. AVG 2014 is my online main AV, the others are manual except for SWB and Sandboxie which I use all the time to open my browsers. No, I have not had the flashing since and no I cannot reproduce it, just happened during a full scan. Never seen it before.
  3. I posted this once, but it is not showing. I was doing a full scan with EEK. It had found some threats, but the EEK button on the Task Bar started flashing orange. It lasted a while, then stopped. The scan finished as normal with the threats listed. Not had this before, why the flashing ?
  4. Fabian, I have been in touch with the MBAM people and it is a waste of time. I am not going back for another dose. I think what I said in my post is sufficient for me. If Emsisoft and the other two reputable programs do not pick up this army of PUP`s that have invaded my poor PC, then my worries are a big fat zero. The only PUP`s I care about have four legs and yap.
  5. On the matter of PUP`s, MBAM came up with 80 PUP`s on my system, yet Emsisoft, AV 2014 and SuperAntiSpyware come up with none. This is ludicrous, it just cannot be logical or acceptable. Either there are PUP`s or there are none. You just cannot have 3 respectable AV programs saying there are none and ONE saying there are 80. My conclusion is that MBAM are hyper-sensitive on what they call a PUP. They were all tabbed "no threat" in any case. A total waste of users time and raising unnecessary concern, especially to those users who are not all that knowledgeable. I have dumped MBAM a
  6. As I could not edit may I add - Deutsch höchste Technologie
  7. My sincere thanks, I reckon you have answered my query perfectly and very promptly I like EEK, it seems very thorough indeed. I use it as a sweeper on a random manual basis. My main AV is AVG 2014 and I always access my Chrome browser by Sandboxie.. John
  8. Thanks, seems good, but HOW do I enable PUP detection ? I cannot find a means of doing it.
  9. I use this kit frequently and find it a superb standalone scanner which appears to be very thorough. Could somebody please tell me precisely what elements it scans or preferably list them ? In particular, does it scan for PUP`s and Rootkits ? Thank you
  10. Hi again Coach, YES, the fly foot prints only occur with HJF, everything else is OK. I also use Windows 2002 XP Home with SP3. Odd `aint it ? I will try your stand alone job and also do a re-install of HJF. I just cannot understand it. I also cannot believe that with 39 views to-date, only you have kindly taken the trouble to try and help. Nobody else obviously finds this matter very interesting. Perhaps it is too complicated for general participation. I would hesitate to put forward a really difficult problem to our somewhat shy members. Thanks a bundle john Bull
  11. Hello Task Manager, what a very promising reply - I thank you. My HJF is version 3.1 and my screen resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels and has been for a very long time. Cannot remember changing it. Normally when a script size is too small I use either CTRL+ or a zoom facility. Generally I have no trouble with script size, just the odd few cases. HJF script shown on my display is so small it looks like fly footprints. The script on your screen shots is great, I have no trouble with that. OK coach, how do I play it, take the big guy down first eh ? John Bull
  12. Addendum ======== I notice that the header box has three icons sitting at the extreme right hand side - small, medium and large. In the absence of any guidance, I assume that these just may refer to font size or zoom. However, they show no response at all to any left or right clicks and are effectively resting in perfect peace. Please clarify the meaning of these icons. Would it inspire them to be born again if I re-installed Highjackfree ? john Bull
  13. A-Squared Highjackfree is as superb as all products provided by Emsisoft. BUT, could anybody tell me how to increase the font size for the file details to a size that can be read. The existing font size is so small that one needs an electron microscope to read it. Please don`t refer me to some indiscriminate encyclopedia of unintelligible waffle - just advise me in real terms whether it can be done and how to do it. Many thanks John Bull
  14. Hello again Lynx my highly respected Guardian Angel against everything evil, I have been pardoned by the God`s for my sins in daring to ask the Emsisoft Forum for help. After a great heavenly debate and expression of sympathy for a humble stumble-bum like me, they have made a divine decision not to antagonise me any further, less at my age I succumb to a heart attack and have erased this evil spirit from my computer. A new quick scan today - 2 May 10 at 16.17 has resulted in a perfectly clean output with NO corrupt registry file shown. YABBA-DABBA-DOO ! It`s gone ! So my dear Lynx, do not
  15. I have then to ask. My educational abilities are obviously abundantly inadequate to decipher your instructions. I cannot make any sense at all out of your first post. An enormous package of indiscriminate gobble-de-gook does not appear to be a very helpful approach to a technical problem. I would love to read some simple and logical explanation in answer to this matter expressed by an expert, but have the distinct impression I am getting nowhere. It is with great regrets that my rather minor query has caused such extreme difficulty and perplexity to your experience of problem solving. No ma
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