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  1. Thanks again for your help ShadowPuterDude. I have performed your "final steps" as instructed. My friends laptop is working like new. I greatly appreciate your assitance once again. Until the next time, so long. Rick
  2. ShadowPuterDude - Thanks to you my friends laptop is running much, much better. Do you think it's time to cut me loose and let you get on with helping someone else? Rick
  3. Hello again ShadowPuderDude - attached are my latest Avenger log and ISeeYouXp log. I feel that we are getting close to getting my friends laptop cleaned up. As always I await your response. Rick
  4. Good morning ShadowPuderDude & Lynx - Again I'm am sorry for not responding sooner. I have preformed the instructions from ShadowPuderDude's last post and have attached the four logs as he instructed. My friends laptop appears to be running much better. I eagerly await your reply. Thanks again for all of your help and even more for your quick responses. Rick
  5. Thanks Lynx for unlocking my thread. I will post my latest logs per ShadowPuderDude's last instruction this evening. Rick
  6. ShadowPuterDude or Lynx - please unlock this thread which ShadowPuterDude has been helping me with: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/629-trojan-viruses/page__pid__3713__st__0entry3713 I apologized for not responding sooner, but I got wrapped up in the Thanksgiving holiday and this is the first time I have had an opportunity to review your last post. I will apply your last instructions and post the updated logs for you to review as soon as the above thread is unlocked. I greatly appreciate your help. Rick
  7. Hi ShadowPuterDude, it's great working with you again. I have attached the logs for ComboFix, ISeeYouXP and HiJackFree as instructed. The only problem I encontered was when combofix checked to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. It was not, but since I wasn't connected to the internet it could not install Windows Recovery Console. My friends laptop seems to being running better. It at least doesn't lock up when I first boot it up. Again, thanks for your help. I look forward to your reply. Rick
  8. Hello - I'm helping a friend clean up a laptop that I think has become infected with multiple viruses. I ran a-squared free and AVG a couple of times. Both cleaned up several viruses. The first time I ran a-squared it list many viruses it couldn't clean. However when I have run a-squared since these viruses don't appear. Since being infected my PC has been acting strange. It seems to run fine until I connect to the internet and then it slows down to a crawl. I'm thinking that my PC is still infected with some type of virus that's not being detected by a-squared or AVG. I have also attached copies of a-squared Free log, ISeeYouXP.txt log and HiJackFree HJT Compatible Log in hopes that you will be able to get my friends PC back in exceptable working order. I religiously run CCleaner (at least once a week). Thanks for your time and assistance. Rick
  9. Thanks again ShadowPuterDude for all of your help.
  10. Thanks ShadowPuterDude for your help. I have successfully uninstalled or removed all items that you suggested. My computer is running much smoother. Did I have any viruses or malware infections? Other than running a good antivirus software and a-squared is there any other free application that I should be using on a regular basis that will help keep my PC running virus free? Thanks again for your quick response to my need for assistance. You did an outstanding job. Rick
  11. ShadowPuterDude - attached is the zipped file. Let me know if you need anything else.
  12. Ooops! I can't attach the ISeeYouXP log because that file takes me over my 500k global upload quota. What should I do now?
  13. Good evening ShadowPuterDude - I applied your last instructions to my PC and attached new ComboFix and ISeeYouXP logs. My PC does seem to be running a little smoother. I'm sure with your help it will be running as good as new. I greatly appreciate your assistance and I await your next set of instructions. Rick NOTE: I was not able to attach the ISeeYouXp log to this post due to it's size. I will add another reply and attach the log.
  14. Good morning ShadowPuterDude - I have enabled everything that was disabled in MSConfig, rebooted my PC and have attached a new ISeeYouXP log. Rick
  15. Thanks ShadowPuterDude for working on my problem. I followed your instructions and have posted new logs for a-squared Free log, ISeeYouXP.txt log, combofix.txt and HiJackFree HJT Compatible Log. My PC is still not performing as it should. If you are unable to find any issues with my PC then I guess my problem might be hardware related. However I have worked on similar PCs that have been infected by malware and/or trojan virus and they all exhibit similar issues (slow keystroke recognition and pointer movement). I encontered no problems with your instructions. Again, thanks for your help. I look forward to your reply. Rick
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