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  1. Hi, Spotify is auto trusted by OA. But I don't like it so I untrusted it and now OA is blocking spotify without notification. I checked history Created: 2012/6/25 22:22:00 Summary: Program Guard: kernel event Description: OADriver: Registry, PID: 5968, Act: 1, Idn: 0, Mask: \REGISTRY\USER\S-1-5-21-3313327089-3330019644-2447968963-1000\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy\{5C0D11B8-C5F6-4be3-AD2C-2B1A3EB94AB6} - Deny (rule) Event type: Kernel event(26) Event action: None(1) Processes: PID: 5968 Name: spotify.exe Now how do I make it work
  2. I recently reinstalled Vmware and the issue is gone by now. Thanks.
  3. I just checked the logs in the OA program directory, and found that was too much information. Before I sent all the logs, can you tell me what information is contained there? I find I can't read the log by notepad. Maybe 1 or 2 logs are good enough?
  4. OK. It's too late here. I'll follow the instruction above tomorrow and report back.
  5. It shows: Error while powering on, vmware cannot connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you have rights to run the program...blah blah blah Learning mode does not help. Only disabling OA can make it work at the moment. I don't have other security softwares running in the background except OA free. Thanks!
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