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  1. I was going to edit my response but the option wasn't available. My Explorer froze again and I needed to reboot so I had to make a decision on the deleting of the HIGH RISK files - I went with deleting them in hopes it would help. I am sorry for adding something you did not specificly ask for but the report ran so I figure it may be useful. Again - I am not into adlibbing here as I have NO IDEA what I am doing other than what I am told (I accidentally initiated the scan by updating EAM) but in case it is useful I am adding - please disregard if not needed. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Here is the report. Hopefully I am not overloading with too much information but here is a snapshot of how the computer is running: * Freezes multiple times an hour with Explorer or Excel * Sounds like it is doind a lot of work and the hard drive area gets hot relatively quickly * Repeatedly get "Generic Host Process for Win32 has encountered a problem and needs to close" * Will not shut down correctly much of the time even using CNTRL+ALT+DLTE and I end up using the power button to turnoff\reboot * When the computer is restarted at times just the cursor and background image of my d
  3. I reset the server and the secure sites work again. Here is the MBR log. Thanks.
  4. Sorry to add a reply to a post by myself but I took my laptop on the road today to see if my hunch was correct. The https - secure site issue seems to be with my router\server (I honestly don't know the difference - basically the wireless connection at my house. I can connect to secure sites at a public WIFI place.
  5. Here it is - the photo of my daughter is back. Thanks.
  6. Thanks again. The screen on my desktop has again hidden the picture of my daughter and is blue (it started this again over the weekend) and I still cannot access any secure "https" site. I aso get a pop-up that I cannot close that does a video of a google infomercial or something like that. If I try to close it a message box appears and neither can be closed. Thanks - I really appreciate the time you are putting in and responding so quickly!!
  7. The Java wouldn't update. I had this issue when I had malware issues before and have not been able to update the JRE files. Previously it would start downloading then it would just not do it. Now it brings up an Explorer error page when a I click the link. I have tried rebooting to no avail. I then did the OTL directions and tried it but it still cannot go to the update page. Also my background on the desktop was white with a prompt telling me to to an active desktop restore. I am also having an issue with getting onto sites that I need to log into but am not currently logged into. I
  8. Thanks again - here is the report. When I went to restart the computer would not finish logging off so I ended up having to push the power button. I restarted and it show just the image of my daughter and no icons or bar across the bottom. I used the CNTRL+ALT+DLT and restarted and now everything appeared again. Maybe too much info - just letting you know in case it is relevant. Here is the file & thanks again.
  9. Thanks. Definite progress - my screen saver photo of my daughter is back but when I went on the internet I was first asked to make internet explorer my default browser which I did 'cuz I thought combofix may have changed that. Don't know if that was normal or not. Then a pop up from before is back noting "Generic Host for WIN32 encountered a problem and needs to close" - I just moved that to the side 'cuz I don't trust it. It is offering 3 prompts - "Debug" "Send Error Report" or "Don't Send". During combofix's running combofix completed 2 stages then I got an error message noting "pev.
  10. Here is the report. The "Rogue" named infection didn't go away yet 'cuz my screen saver of my daughter got hidden again so I ran it again to see what it might detect and one issue was gone but the "rogue" thing lives on. Thanks again for helping!
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