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  1. Thank you all for the information you guys provide :-) I have 2 more questions: 1) If EAM detected PUP like the one founded on my computer, delete it or remove it to quarantine is enough? 2) I Wondering why EAM didn't alert about it and only find it in the scan? The settings of Surf Protection are: Malware/Phishing/ pup on "Block and notify", and Privacy risks on: Alert. Thank you :-)
  2. Hi to all, So this is the second time EAM detected "Application.BitCoinMiner.SX (B)" (the location found in Firefox-Profiles). The level risk is "no risk", but I if someone can explain what it is, I'll appreciate it. I asked it because the link in the diagnosis, tells me nothing. It open this and I must ask what I should understand from a list of general threats without any explanation about the threat itself EAM detected? Hopping you fix it so the detection will lead to explanation about the threat itself :-) Thank you.
  3. onbox, suggested http://www.evorim.com/en/free-firewall And HAWKI gave a discussion link about it https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/free-firewall-evorim.385439/
  4. Hello to all, So since EIS doesn't exist anymore, and we stuck with windows firewall I really think we need a list of reliable, easy to use firewall softwares , for people like me who never really understand how to configure the settings of a firewall. What I know is that I never trusted Microsoft, especially with their protection of my computer , and I never will, And I don't care how much good job windows firewall does. Just cant trust it. So please any suggestions of any paid, free, open source, reliable and easy to use firewall softwares will be appreciate :-) Thank you all.
  5. For years I used Online Armor and EIS, and now after Emsisoft decided to stop develop firewall, we all need to trust windows. I use ShutUp and block all in "Windows Defender and Microsoft SpyNet" so Windows Defender is off. When I re-installed EAM the Windows FireWall turned on. The Windows Defender include the firewall with it, so I like to be sure that the firewall will work fine even if the Windows Defender is off. I'll appreciate if someone can guide me how can I test the windows firewall with EAM. Thank you.
  6. So I wanted to watch a movie with VLC player, and when I tried to download subtitle with VLC I got alert from BB about "Behavior.Exploit", and message that I need to update VLC to prevent this, and BB blocked it. I read about it here and here and it says that VLC have already issued updates to address this flaw (2.2.5 version). I use 2.2.6. So if they issued updates to address this flaw, why BB alerted? Does it means that VLC is still vulnerable? And if BB blocked the attack, it's 100% sure that my PC not infected? I scanned my PC and EIS didn't find nothing. Should I run FRST or other tool to be sure my PC is not infected? Thank you.
  7. I meant that although I used the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, my computer was attacked and without High quality of anti malware like EIS, the attack probably would have succeeded. Thank you. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Thank you for your explanation, Arthur. It weird because my Adobe Flash Player was up to date and even though this malicious malware succeeded to attack. The scan was fine, but can you suggest me any tool (like the one the employees of Emsisoft suggest in case of infection) to approve anything is fine? Thank you.
  9. This is the source: C:\Users\VEGAN\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\azlr6in0.default\cache2\entries\0216AE769E2CAE055107BF2FAAEB6A49A6D32194 And the detection: Exploit.CVE-2011-2140.Gen (B) I've been surfing Facebook , Youtube and suddenly EIS detected it. 1) What is Exploit.CVE-2011-2140.Gen (B)? 2) EIS quarantined it. Do I need to do something except scanning my computer? My Adobe Flash Player is up to date, and it supposed to solve the secure problem: " This update resolves a memory corruption vulnerability that could lead to code execution (CVE-2011-2140). " . From adobe web. Thanks.
  10. Arthur it seems that now the updates works fine. I think the problem is appear only when the version of EIS update. I'll wait for the new version and I'll update you. Thanks.
  11. I run version 2017.2.0.7219 and since the previous update (the one before 2017.2.0.7219)- 2 days ago, I have problem with the updates. When I turn on the computer and update EIS , it stuck. sometimes on 65% sometimes on 87% and 99%. I restart the computer and it stuck again. only after I restart 3 times EIS, it succeed to update. Thanks.
  12. Artur thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and explain how it works. Appreciate it!
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