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  1. how can i stop armor telling me its automatically allowed something? its annoying to get this every time i start firefox for example.
  2. but why do they get through if the domain is already blacklisted? does that only work for port 80/443?
  3. i have the proxy service hide my ass which runs from openvns software on my windows 7 64 bit machine. With every other firewall i allow access and it works fine. With online armor i allow it access, even trust its folder in the options for programs but still it cannot access any server securly. Now online armor shows no alerts or anything in the history that its blocking. And firewall shows its being allowed. yet somehting is being blocked because onlyu with onloine armor enabled is it not working. Any ideas?
  4. i have a similar problem. On several applications that have internet access i get the alert: www.zeevex-online.com has been allwoed internet access by automatic decsion on (plus some random port) now i have tried blocking the domain in online armor but it doesnt stop these alerts. My question is how to stop the domain being allowed access from my pc ( i know its the loopback but does that matter if i the domain is meant to be blocked?). How to stop this automatic deciaion being made?
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